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The tympanum of Saint-Foy of Conques - Medieval (Romanesque art)

For years, I didn’t like Medieval art. I had the idea of a dark and poor art when, actually, it is quite cheerful, rich and enjoyable. 538 more words


Monet - Women in the Garden

Everyone discusses my art and pretends to understand, as if it were necessary to understand, when it is simply necessary to love.‘ – Claude Monet… 756 more words


La partie de campagne by Maurice de Vlaminck

The 19th century put an end to Academic painting but the evolution didn’t stop there. The 20th century kept going that way and Fauvism was one the first movements of that century. 406 more words


Le Radeau de la Méduse by Théodore Géricault

For this post, I chose to write about the French 19th century. It is an important century for history and art history. Paris was the center of the art scene, which was in constant evolution between Classical style, Romanticism, Impressionism, Neo-Impressionism and more. 557 more words


Masa Gros - The Riviera Woman

Masa Gros – Paintings “Woman’s Eyes”

Masa Gros is a European artist, born in 1977, in Celje, Slovenia. She’s devoted to the arts and creativity relatively early and began exhibiting his work in Slovenia in 1997-1998, and later in many countries like the United States, Spain, Italy, winning recognition and support of its audience. 150 more words

Marquise de Pompadour by Quentin Delatour

For a first post on this blog, I thought I would talk about a “hidden” gem in the Louvre: the portrait of Madame de Pompadour… 377 more words


Paris Year round

I love Paris fashion week because I get to see beautiful clothes and photographs of the most beautiful city in the world. I have added a few Parisian salvages to my decor lately so I can have a Parisienne experience year round.

110 more words