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In keeping with my theme Francaise, please enjoy an electronic band I have loved for about 20 years. They never hit here-but that’s ok–their original beautiful music would likely have been sampled, had a bad female rapper thrown over it and became part of the next “Fast and Furious soundtrack…. 29 more words

Fresh Press

Lady In Blue

Head down working on silkscreen editions again today. I started preparing number 7 out of 8, Jeanne Hébuterne, early 20th century French artist who died tragically at the age of 22. 102 more words



French artist and producer Brodinksi delivers a high-octane treatment for his single “Can’t Help Myself”. Helmed by director collective Megaforce, the video progresses in retrograde fashion as we see the protagonist regress in age, turning from an elderly man, to a young father and finally to a humble child. 102 more words


Art-Insider Information, Italian Style

If there was such a thing as insider information in the art market (and really, who says there is not?) the traders in the pit would be whispering “Martial Raysse.” 269 more words

Christine and The Queens "Christine"

Christine and The Queens is a visual/sonic project led by singer-songwriter Héloïse Letissier. The France native’s video for Christine is a joyfully choreographed 4 minutes in which Héloïse tip toes around a large square platform with 3 backing dancers; Simple in concept, flawless in execution. 138 more words


Artist-in-residence, Dinan

This cute little house – “La Vignette” – is my home in Dinan, France for the month of February. It accommodates the artist-in-residence selected by Les Amis de la Grande Vigne under the auspices of the Yvonne Jean-Haffen Museum. 194 more words

Les Amis De La Grande Vigne

Xiao Fan Ru's Blossoming Universe

No. 27, 2012

“Artist Xiao Fan Ru was born in a countryside province of Nankin, China during the Cultural Revolution, at a time when the act of growing and caring for flowers was deemed counter-revolutionary and thus prohibited. 30 more words

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