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x-tra chromosome factor episode 3

And we’re off! Another kernel of pop-matter being squeezed out the money-grabbing sphincter of ITV-HD. We open with a breathless voiceover telling us we’re at FEVER PITCH (that’s pitch, Cheryl, they’re not taking a shot at your malaria again) and a few shots of previous singers, torsos, arguments and Michael Fucking Lewis. 2,062 more words

The Black Mayors of Québec's Logging Country

Special Black History Month edition AngryBoys and Girls.  It’s the story of Michel Adrien and Ulrick Chérubin, two buddies from the town of Jacmel in Haiti who both ended up as mayors of Mont-Laurier and Amos, two lumberjack towns of Québec’s North West. 1,042 more words


Paul Cargnello: The Token Anglo

Special treat today, kids.  The best dressed man in showbiz, Pointe-Claire’s own Paul Cargnello talks about dodging bottles at the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Show, making money with Bouchard-Taylor and more strangeness in the life of the Québec music scene’s token Anglo. 1,821 more words

French Bastards

MGMT - Future Reflections & Electric Feel Justice Remix

Okay, so technically not much by way of guitar on this track, but the guitar dudes are mad fans of MGMT and their brand of psychedelic rock. 103 more words

New Music

Elsewhere, to talk of racial "purity" is repugnant. Not in Quebec. Part Two.

The AngryFrenchGuy wants to take this opportunity to welcome the newest member of the increasingly large black caucus of the Québec National Assembly. The Parti québécois’ Maka Kotto was elected last monday as the representative of Bourget, and… 445 more words

What Canadians Don't Know About Canada

The Glorious Bilingual Montreal of the 1940's

Did French and English Montrealers ever live in the same city?

Was there ever a Golden Age when French-speakers looking west and English-speakers looking east had a converging point of view on the history and future of Montreal? 704 more words

What Canadians Don't Know About Canada

Black in Quebec City: Webster is Writing His Story

The first record of a black man in Québec City was Mathieu Da Costa who traveled with the city’s founder Samuel de Champlain as early as 1604 or 1607. 615 more words

What Canadians Don't Know About Canada