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A Series of Unfortunate Events, or as I like to call it "Girls Trip 2015"

Last weekend was one that will hopefully stain my memory forever. Not stain like “Ugh, I wish I could get it out,” but stain like I hope it is soaked into the fibers of my brain for the rest of my life. 3,201 more words


travel:: Asheville, NC

Asheville, NC has been on our travel bucket list for years now. We finally had the excuse to visit last weekend for my college friend’s wedding, and we had a great time! 854 more words

Need to Switch Things Up? Check Out Our Favorite Date Spots in Asheville

The tradition of sending “Valentines” is in fact a very old one. It seems to have arisen from the belief that birds begin to pair off on February 14th, which happens to be the feast day for St. 651 more words

Get The Look At Minx

Weeklong Update: Tour de South

Since last Thursday, I’ve been road tripping with two of my friends from college. We hit Chattanooga, Boone, and Asheville in 6 days. At times we wanted to kill each other (and bad drivers) and a few times thought we were going to be killed (we hiked at dawn), but we have so many awesome, hilarious stories that I’m sure we’ll cherish for years and years. 150 more words

French press at the French Broad

As you can see, I have been on an ‘All you can eat sweets’ diet.  It’s a new diet I made up. It’s pretty great. 148 more words



We’d been looking forward to a stop in Asheville since we started planning this trip. Everyone we talked to had nothing but praises for the city, and we knew it would be a bit like home. 647 more words

Asheville, NC

Before I begin to post a lot of new material, I feel like I should work on the backlog of places I’ve visited recently. It’s only fitting for my first post to be about Asheville, North Carolina because it is by far one of my most favorite places. 614 more words