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It is not a TOO-MAH! (A French Bulldog Healed)

A few months ago, I was tucking my French Bulldog, Dj, in for the night and felt a huge lump in his neck. It’s a sickening feeling to feel something wrong in your puppy’s little form. 1,749 more words


salvation of leith, edinburgh, review

Living in the west of Edinburgh, I need a good excuse to head all the way over to Leith (despite it being one of my favourite areas of Edinburgh). 676 more words


Water and Ink Demo

A little sketch I did! I used a Lamy Joy pen to do the drawing and then just used water to shade.

WIP Pt. 2

So, I really struggled with this one. My history as an illustrator had me very detail oriented, the more visual info the better. Now as a painter I try to be more relaxed, the past few years I have tried to loosen my artwork, paint more zen like, use less detail, let the viewers use their own imaginations to fill in the vague spots. 141 more words


My French Bulldog, Fergus work in progress. Struggling to get his brindle coloring right, without making the painting a mud puddle.