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Summer has released my inner hippy!

So the theme for this post is consideration! Obviously my post is consideration for other dog owners and their dogs but considering others can only be a good thing. 1,261 more words

Panda the Dog

BOON Leong comes from a family of dog lovers. He can’t remember when, in his life, he has never not had a dog. Today, at forty-two, he is proud to have had five dogs in his lifetime: Kingsfield the silky terrier, Pericles the Alsatian, Mochi the Shih Tzu and her Pomeranian buddy Bubbles, and Wei Wei the Labrador Retriever, named after the Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei. 562 more words


Plas Newydd and its Pugs

During my travels I often chance to stumble upon art with dogs in it. More often than not, these objects of visual art do not put the dog at the centre of attention, which, by the bye, is why pets are often found in one of the lower corners of a painting or any equivalent place in other forms of art. 1,402 more words

Brachycephalic Breeds

No simple way of predicting breathing difficulties in pugs, French bulldogs and bulldogs from external features

As many as a half of all short-nosed dogs such as pugs, French bulldogs and bulldogs experience breathing difficulties related to their facial structure. However, research published by the University of Cambridge suggests that there is no way to accurately predict from visible features whether an apparently healthy pug or French bulldog will go on to develop breathing difficulties. 681 more words


Puppy Wedding!

My best friend Barry and I both have adorable little french bulldogs, so naturally we have been discussing marrying the two of them for quite some time. 365 more words


A Week of Home & Family

Last month, I was lucky enough to head home for a week of family time. It was a week filled with food, sleep, and lots and lots of kisses from Peanut and my family’s new (ish) pup, Pearl. 83 more words


It's been awhile ...

Almost 7 months to be exact! The rents have moved (moving very stressful but everyone happy in the new place), Pete’s still crazy, and I spend most of my time with 4 legged friends! 50 more words