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Things to do in St. Louis when you're totally stranded.

It’s been about ten days since Coachese, our seemingly doomed Winnebago, crapped out on us in St. Louis. At that point, he had literally millions of mechanic’s hours, buckets of sweat and tears, and actual American Dollars in him. 1,284 more words


Poorly Sesame

It’s 4am and here I am cleaning Sesame’s not so much vomit now mess he just spat out. Poor him, for some odd reason my dad thought it would be ok so feed Sesame a slice of white bread. 195 more words

Top dog chairs meeting

Just back from a meeting with potential branding client, Tweed Excavation and Mining Training, where flanel-shirt-wearing CEO Baxter, runs a tight meeting. He was keen to impress upon Ti that whilst she does a great job in the office, let’s not forget who’s the boss.

Cooper for FEARLESS

A fun job request came in from the University of Northampton. They knew exactly what they were looking for! A Blue/Grey French Bulldog with a white patch on his/her chest to open and close their fashion show and to be the star visitor for the event. 412 more words

Welcome to Dublin, Ireland

July 8th, David left home to begin a new project in Saudi Arabia.  It is the second phase of the copper mine that he was working on in 2013-2014.   1,219 more words


Spotted! The Boss

My brother was visiting a few weeks ago and took this photo outside little City Feed. This little critter, with the most beautiful brown eyes, is owning the place.

Out & About In J.p.

So you don't like sewing?

If you’re a bit lazy or don’t own a sewing machine there is another way to get your own frenchie napkin or tea towel. And who doesn’t want a pink pug pillow? 38 more words