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Getting Ready For France

Next weekend I’ll be on my way to Paris for a few days, including an overnight flight, with an early morning stopover in Ireland. I went to Paris, about ten years ago, and my experience was primarily touristy: (you know Eiffel tower, Moulin Rouge, etc.) it was fun but this time I’m hoping to get a lot more of a local experience, which is going to be very easy because instead of a hotel it’s an apartment that I’m renting for a few days, via Air BNB. 570 more words


Meet me at the cemetry gates

We dropped the kids off for their first day of German school, their first class French — French taught in German — and I walked to the cemetery by the… 869 more words


A Spanish Tradition - A Rave in France

Do you know that Paella is regarded as the Spanish national dish? And do you know how good it is?

I first had the rice based wonder when I was visiting a friend in Valencia back in 2007 (on that road trip I speak about in the book). 584 more words

French Culture

First Day of School + The Water Spa (Part One)

That combination seems ridiculous together, but I will now advocate that they should ALWAYS go together. I should also remark that after speaking only French all day, French words keep coming to my head more easily than English ones. 554 more words

The 10 Best French Movies on Netflix for French Learners

Source:  fluentU.com / written by Elizabeth Cook

In the mood for a cinematic treat?

Many French learners already know that watching movies is one of the best and most pleasurable ways to learn through immersion. 432 more words

French Riviera

Fake It Until You Make It, How To Look Parisian In 4 Steps

In order to be accepted as a full citizen in your new found habitat, you have to become local. It isn’t always easy and it takes time, energy, it is a big effort.
192 more words


Published: Becoming Madame Memoir

Dearest readers,

This summer a kind follower wrote me a supportive email and in that message encouraged me to write a memoir about my experiences in Paris, my move over to the city and living here. 256 more words

French Culture