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Bank Holiday Tuesday? Only in France!

Earlier this week, there was a bank holiday in France… and no matter how many times they come around, I am never expecting one mid-week! In the UK, all our bank holidays are on Mondays – bank holiday Tuesday, or Wednesday, Thursday, etc. 295 more words


Edmond Jabès

In your loneliness, you hear the word from far away and then, in gratitude, look at it so closely that you cannot but drown in it. 27 more words


Arthur Rimbaud

In summer evenings blue, pricked by the wheat
 On rustic paths the thin grass I shall tread,
And feel its freshness underneath my feet,
 And, dreaming, let the wind bathe my bare head, 52 more words


Embarrassing things I have said in French-round 3

Last September, I realized that even though I was comfortable speaking French, I was very bad at writing it! I had been speaking French with Cyril for months but was still texting him in English- so I deciding to take the next step and text in French as often as possible. 866 more words

French Culture

Robert Marteau

The inner ache signifies no more
than nostalgia for the present
because all we lack is our presence.

— Robert Marteau, from Eidolon, transl. by Barry Callaghan (Exile Editions, 1990)


Frog legs tales [ 3 year anniversary living in France ]

Life in France is similar to a rollercoaster adventure. You’re you’re all excited to ride on, but when you get close to the top, you suddenly want to go back on land. 210 more words

Being Human