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Les Vacances

Je visiterai mes amis. Je visiterai ma famille. Je mangerai délicieux nourriture. J’observerai un jeu de football. J’aimerai les vacances. Je vais visiter le plage… 21 more words

French Language

Fermeture annuelle

Anyone who has spent time in France is familiar with these words: ‘Fermeture annuelle’ or ‘Congés d’été’. Usually on a scrap of paper stuck behind a closed shop window. 241 more words

French literature, writings in medieval French dialects and standard modern French. Writings in Provençal and Breton are considered separately, as are works in French produced abroad (as at… 32 more words

How to Act French

Three Methods:SpeechDiningAppearance

French is wonderful which is why the people of France have a very tradition-based society. This is seen in their mannerisms in formal and informal situations. 947 more words


La vie idéale

  1. Si j’avis le temps j’irait à la plage.
  2. Si j’avais l’argent, j’continuerait un jour férié.
  3. Si j’etais en France, je visiterais la arc de triomphe.
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French Language