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Courtney Maum

You love people. They disappoint you. But sometimes, they don’t. They just keep loving you, right through it all, waiting for you to wake up and appreciate them. 24 more words


Gaston Bachelard

I can recover my calm by living the metaphors of the ocean. — Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space. (Beacon Press; Reprint edition, April 1, 1994) Originally published 1057.


Gilles Deleuze

Destiny never consists in step-by-step deterministic relations between presents which succeed one another according to the order of a represented time. Rather, it implies between successive presents non-localisable connections, actions at a distance, systems of replay, resonance and echoes, objective chances, signs, signals, and roles which transcend spatial locations and temporal successions. 14 more words


Paul Celan

Go blind at once, today:
eternity too is full of eyes—
what helped the images
overcome their coming
drowns there;
there the fire goes out of… 34 more words


The French Year Abroad: What do Brits miss when they move to France?

There’s a small army of British students working and studying abroad in France. They’re fairly easy to spot – often found looking quizzically at coffee shop menus where you can only get a shot of caffeine, or pay an extra 3€ merely for the addition of frothy milk. 326 more words

Difference between French High School and U.S. High School

By Baptiste Lumeau

There are a lot of differences between American High School and French High School.
The first thing is that in France, we are with the same people in our class all year, so you can be with your friends all year long. 375 more words


Hélène Cixous

I write, I extend my hand; without my knowing it, this is already a prayer, I extend my hand to you so that you will exist because you do exist, beyond my fingers, your fingers, without my knowing it this is already a response, already I draw to my side the site for you, with one hand I call the other hand, it is in this modest, all-powerful way that I begin to save what is lost. 21 more words