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Winter is coming...

NB: This post will be a bit shorter, due to the author’s imminent exams and lack of sleep. Stay tuned next week for a more coherent (read: not on four hours of sleep) blog post. 138 more words

Refusing to Hate

My mom sent me a link to a video that has touched me. Many of you may have already seen or heard of the message a Frenchman posted on Facebook after losing his wife in the recent Paris attacks. 20 more words


The Origin of Petit Copain

It’s hard for me to write during a time of crisis. But write I must. I write for the beauty of Paris and for the wonderful life the city has given me. 1,209 more words



Like so many, I am deeply saddened by the events in Paris. I could delve into my thoughts on the politics of the situations we as a changed, evolving world face today, the ideology of how to improve things, my own pessimism regarding our ability to ever bring peace to this kind of fight, or the grief that those who have lost must feel so acutely. 200 more words


My Paris friends react to the horror

My friends in Paris have all been touched by the horror in their city. Here are some of their reactions the day after the attacks: 483 more words

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