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Kissing: kissing in France


Today’s topic is kissing and I’m going to get all educational on you all. I’m sure one of the first things people associate with the word French is ‘French kissing': an open mouthed kiss with tongue. 981 more words


Support your local 'artisan' baker!

‘Artisan’ seems to be a favourite term aroundĀ here. There areĀ artisan bakers, butchers, candlestick makers and even artisan builders and plumbers. But what is an artisan? 109 more words


Planning on France

As with a lot of life-changing events, things just happened when I pointed myself toward France.

France was a goal, but I didn’t address the specifics beforehand of how to go about where to stay in France, what to learn, how to earn a living or even whom to meet. 1,014 more words


The French series

25TH VII 1998

Finally got rid of Sean and Seamus. Sean, my bartender friend from Six Arms but Seamus, some angry Canadian/Irish guy he picked up somewhere along the way in Europe, wears baseball caps with cut-off sweatpants, doesn’t talk much, just scowls. 1,372 more words


A Day Way From The Crowd in Paris

Brittany and I had decided that we would opt out of the Orsay Museum because we have been there before. We decided to visit the cemetery where great singers, writers etc. 292 more words


Vacation Time in France

The other day an elderly man noticed that I was carrying a baguette and wanted to know where I had bought it. This is not the kind of question you’re usually asked by Parisians of a certain age, who surely have long had their favorite boulangeries right near their homes. 923 more words


Facts About The French Alps

Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the French Alps. There are also over sixteen ski areas on the French Alps. You can go bungee jumping, rock climbing, hiking and mountain biking in the French Alps. 25 more words

French Language