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10 Favorite Things for Spring in Paris

Finally, the sun is out and Parisians are in a better mood (well, slightly better). Here are some things I’m enjoying during spring here that I hope you’ll find fun too. 1,028 more words


Departure: TOMORROW!

Tomorrow morning, Francis will rise long before the crack of dawn to begin his day-long journey to France. He is in the final stages of preparation. 1,158 more words


Victor Hugo

What makes night within us may leave stars. ― Victor Hugo, Ninety-Three. (The Paper Tiger May 1, 2002) Originally published February 19th 1874.


Charles Baudelaire

When the sky appears in pain
and sunset no more than a wound,
what are the thoughts that occur
to a libertine soul like yours? 22 more words


My Bureaucratic Luck (Is it really luck?)

Today was take two for my morning at the Préfecture. This is where foreigners go to take care of most official business like updating visas and… getting a license! 624 more words


Chatting at the Gym

People talk to each other at gyms in Paris. In New York, people keep to themselves. Despite a reputation for being open, New Yorkers are less likely than are Parisians to engage in chitchat while working out. 789 more words


A Book for a Rose?

Or is it Sant Jordi… Last weekend I was down in Perpignan, way down in the south-west of France near the Spanish border, for the release of my better half’s newest book, and while I was there I experienced Sant Jordi Day for the first time. 199 more words