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Chocolate Soufflé

This impressive dessert has a reputation of being temperamental just like the tricky macarons. Trust me, it is not. Not even close. It is quite simple. 289 more words

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Chocolate Macarons

Yes I am on a macaron baking spree. :) You will as well once you get the recipe right. For all the chocolate lovers out there, here is another variation of the simple macaron recipe I wrote earlier. 369 more words

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Strawberry Macarons

Macarons! I am totally hooked onto them. Be it any colour or flavor; I will try them all. :) These adorable little babies have fascinated me ever since they achieved acclaim in France by Laduree pastry and salon. 530 more words


Cherry Clafoutis

A couple of weeks ago we picked up our sour cherry order from Walnut Drive Gardens. The cherries come pitted in their own juice in 10# and 30# tubs from… 277 more words



There is something about the souffle that is very frightening!  But you need not be afraid!  They are so simple if you follow the recipe exactly.   413 more words


Dessert Stop @ Butter Avenue (Queen West)

After lunch at Wilbur Mexicana (review here), my friends and I were craving something sweet (Wilbur Mexicana does not have dessert options), and after doing a quick search online, we learned that… 288 more words


My review of Sweetwater Bistro in Gibsons, B.C.

In 2009, it was named the world’s most livable town of fewer than 20,000 people by The International Awards for Livable Communities and endorsed by the United Nations. 863 more words

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