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Why Brexit will not happen – EurActiv.com

In this excellent EurActiv article, MEP Sorin Moisa argues that the “Big Lie” promoted by the Leave campaign will be exposed before Britain can actually leave the EU, and that a second referendum will reject Brexit. 101 more words


German Official Says U.K. Might Reconsider Brexit - WSJ

The WSJ reports that the British government should be given time to weigh the consequences of an exit from the EU, citing a close aide to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. 145 more words


Will article 50 ever be triggered? | Politics | The Guardian

In this excellent article, the Guardian explores whether Article 50 will ever be triggered. It reports that the PM has said he will hand the task of starting the Brexit process to his successor, giving hope to remain supporters. 187 more words


Opinion - Brexit Result - the outlook for Young Britons - John Gelmini

Successive UK Governments have failed young people, older people and the new class of marginalised and probably very stupid people whom the Bilderbergers discussed at their meeting in Dresden at the beginning of the month – the “Precariat”. 724 more words


Opinion - The culpability of Jeremy Corbyn | The Economist

Here’s an excellent article from the Economist. It argues that Mr Corbyn’s weak campaign to remain in the EU leaves him scorned by MPs and northern voters alike. 148 more words


Britain and the EU - tragic split | Lead - The Economist

In this historic lead from the Economist, it explores how to minimise the damage of Britain’s senseless, self-inflicted blow.

Source: Britain and the EU – tragic split | The Economist…

108 more words