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"Real News" or "Fake News" -- the effect of Selective Perception

The current American habit of automatically accepting whatever information comes through a “friendly” news source, while automatically rejecting any information from an “unfriendly” news source has resulted in a society at odds within itself.  1,034 more words

France’s New President Brings Progressive Changes

As the newly-elected French President Emmanuel Macron entered his first weeks in office, the world watched to see who he would announce as his cabinet members. 316 more words


Perspective on the French Election

Written by Ema Sabljak

The French election promised to carry much weight and its results are not to be overlooked. With candidates such as Marine la Pen who spoke strongly for the idea of France leaving the European Union, the election may have been one of the most decisive election for the fate of the whole EU. 388 more words


Ode to Joy in France

One of our members arrived back from England a few days ago and filed this report:

A fascinating trip, impossible to convey, and of course bittersweet, given Brexit. 851 more words

Affirming Flame

French Election - Views From Afar

On May 7th, France elected Emmanuel Macron as their new president. But what does Macron offer for France’s overseas departments and territories, who have a vote in the election, but often feel like their voices are not heard? 38 more words


Why Marine Le Pen Lost the French Election

With all votes counted, The Guardian’s result tracker has Macron’s total percentage of votes totaled at 66.1%, quite the landslide victory for youngest president in France’s history. 811 more words


Fake News: the new name of propaganda

There used to be a song with the lyrics “before you accuse me take a look at yourself” which was popularized by the English singer and songwriter Eric Clapton. 756 more words