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The Diabetic Economy in Europe - Paul Krugman - The New York Times

In his NYT op-ed blog, Nobel winning economist, Paul Krugman revisits the chronic economic weakness in Europe and what it means.

Source: The Diabetic Economy – The New York Times… 153 more words


Is helicopter money a serious option? | World Economic Forum

In this excellent article the WEF considers the question, ‘Are helicopter drops little more than theoretical debate’?

Source: Is helicopter money a serious option? | World Economic Forum… 101 more words


Opinion - Mere criticism of the ECB is no solution | Bruegel

This is an outstanding must-read article by think-tank Bruegel. The seven authors are leading economists, many based in Germany. The article explores two fundamental questions. 352 more words


Poor intel sharing within EU played role in Brussels attacks – Ex-CIA head — RT News

According to leading Russian news agency RT, the former head of the NSA and CIA, Michael Hayden, has castigated EU secret services for being too fixated on privacy issues and for suffering from poor intelligence sharing in combatting terrorism, saying that those gaps led to the Paris and Brussels attacks. 120 more words


This anti-immigrant, far-right politician just lost her best chance at becoming president of France

The failure of Marine Le Pen’s National Front to win a single region in the runoffs puts an end — at least for the moment — to any talk of her becoming president of France. 917 more words


france 24 - What is Britain doing to help the Calais migrant crisis? - France 24

France’s news agency France 24 reports that French Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve visited the northern port city of Calais on Wednesday amid mounting calls to improve living conditions for migrants there. 66 more words