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Fisher Investments Reviews the Global Economy in February 2017

After a flat January, the MSCI World Index rose 4.5% in February.[i] Eurozone equities also advanced, rising 2.6%. Throughout the month, global politics fixated investors. 1,381 more words

Fisher Investments Reviews

Why exactly did Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen waste so much time talking about the burkini?

Not the EU, not the eurozone crisis, not working with Trump or handling Brexit, but two political powerhouses trading blows over a swimsuit. Is this really the pinnacle of political debate in a country on the verge of an election that could prove defining in its cultural and geopolitical future? 221 more words

The Muslim Times

Double Dip Expansion?

Ever since the 2008-2009 financial crisis, every time the stock market has experienced a -5%, -10%, or -15% correction, industry pundits and media talking heads have repeatedly sounded the “Double Dip Recession” alarm bells. 559 more words

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God save the Queen, the fascist Marine

«Dans quelques semaines, ce pouvoir politique aura été balayé par l’élection. Mais ses fonctionnaires, eux, devront assumer le poids de ces méthodes illégales, car elles sont totalement illégales.

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Marine Le Pen, Savior of France?

This is a very different type of I’m with her: Marine Le Pen as Joan of Arc.  She gave a speech standing in front of a statue of St. 1,104 more words

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The #EU attacks on #FreeSpeech

It seems the EU will do anything now to try and stop any opinions that don’t agree with their progressive liberal narrative.

A week ago they passed a resolution that allows them the cut the live feed from Parliament of any dissenting opinions under the auspices of ‘racism’, because according to the EU you are a racist if you don’t want to simply give your home to someone else, if you don’t want to put yourself in poverty to make others rich, if you don’t want your children to live in a world where they have no identity other than the one the EU says they must have, if you want to live in a democracy. 153 more words