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Be Careful What You Envy

(photo: still from documentary by Laurent Grasso, ‘Les Elysees,’ Galerie Perrotin)

Only yesterday, wandering in a chilly Seine mist on the day of D. Trump’s press conference, PdV comtemplated a riff on ‘voter envy.’ As an American, how can one not envy the French electorate? 400 more words

Is France the next piece to the new Era of the Right-wing ?

PARIS- Things are heating up in France with the top 3 Right-wing candidates leading in the polls with

François Fillion (Les Républicains) with 27.5 – 29 percent… 664 more words

French Elections

threats on abortion rights

After a surrealistic debate last week between the two primary candidates about their comparative proximity to the catholic pope, and the reminder by the winner, François Fillon, that he did not consider abortion as a fundamental right, the French catholic church hierarchy has been trying to block… 33 more words


merci pour ce moment

 “L’exercice du pouvoir ne m’a jamais fait perdre ma lucidité. Aujourd’hui, je suis conscient des risques que ferait courir une démarche, la mienne, qui ne rassemblerait pas largement autour d’elle.

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And now we have elections in France

After Donald Trump’s surprise win on November 9th, Marine Le Pen, of the Nationalist Front party here in France, called him to congratulate him.  She is hoping that the wind that has blown so far right in the UK and the USA will blow her into the Presidency of France next Spring. 384 more words

another right uppercut

While at a much lesser scale than the US election result, the outcome of the French Republican primaries of last weekend shows a similar shift to the right of the electorate, who thus favoured the arch-conservative François Fillion over the milder center-right Alain Juppé. 220 more words