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Believing in Pink

This season, rosy hues are all the rage. Whether you’re into sultry reds of the runway or sweet and girly pinks, feel free to explore your feminine side. 384 more words


French Fashion - Winter

When I studied abroad in France last winter, I was excited to see how the French dressed, especially college students like myself. The conclusion? They dressed to kill. 372 more words


Inspired by His Closet. Officine Générale.

Officine Générale started as a brand for men, but recently established a line dedicated to women in response to a growing number of female customers who regularly purchased clothes designed for the opposite sex. 79 more words


Timeless Trends

Timeless trends — the phrase itself seems to be contradictory. How can a trend be timeless? After all, the very definition of “trend” is focused around ideas of movement, change, and development. 688 more words

Avec Andi

Shopping Storytime: Coco Mademoiselle

This is the story of my experience purchasing an item from Chanel for the very first time, and believe me, it was a movie moment. 612 more words


Executing the art of elegance.

One of the most admirable things about French culture is its influence on fashion globally. France is one of the capitals for high fashion. It has provided us with hundreds of world renowned designers and style icons, from Coco Chanel to Louis Vuitton, the world falls to their feet with praise. 128 more words


Pack Your Bags For a Trip With Louis Vuitton—Without Leaving Manhattan

A gift shop is attached to this museum, but it’s mostly stocked with books and little leather luggage tags—not the fine leather goods Louis Vuitton is known for. 1,133 more words