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Time is a Killer - Michel Bussi

There is a fine line between using stereotypes to denigrate or belittle people from particular countries or regions or to poke a little affectionate fun at them. 418 more words


The President's Hat: Antoine Laurain

‘The important events in our lives are always the result of a sequence of tiny details.”

Last year I read Antoine Laurain’s delightful book: The Portrait, 513 more words


Black Sugar: Miguel Bonnefoy

“If the stars were made of gold, I’d dig up the sky.”

Black Sugar is a short novel which examines three generations of women and the tainting force of the legend of a pirate’s lost treasure. 371 more words


Book Review - THE PERFECT NANNY by LEÏLA SLIMANI (translated by Sam Taylor)

The Perfect Nanny by the Morrocan-French writer Leïla Slimani is a taught, beautifully crafted suspense story that won France’s prestigious Prix Goncourt in 2016 and was the country’s top-selling novel. 972 more words

Book Reviews

Lullaby by Leila Slimani (tr. Sam Taylor)

Lullaby is one of those books I genuinely wanted to love. It was flagged up a few weeks after I received it, by many of the people I follow on Twitter. 751 more words


Ne Lâche pas ma Main - Don't let go

This is my review of Ne Lâche pas ma Main by Michel Bussi.

On holiday in the French tropical paradise of Réunion, Liane Bellion disappears from her hotel room, leaving only evidence of a struggle. 531 more words


Des Hommes - The Cost of Denying the Past

This is my review of  Des Hommes by Laurent Mauvignier.

Of all the novels on the fraught topic of the struggle for Algerian independence from France, this is unusual in its focus on the trauma of young men sent out to fight a colonial war without understanding the situation into which they were thrown and unprepared for the violence they were about to witness and perpetrate. 503 more words