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riviera fish soup {ffwd}

It was another cold, though less snowy, week here in the Great White North. I’ve noticed the days getting longer with the sun coming up earlier and setting later every day. 831 more words

French Fridays With Dorie

one fish, two fish, red fish, blue lobster

So, as the lady at my fish market was chasing after my runaway lobster (the little bugger attempted a brazen escape by jumping off the scale and scurrying under the counter) she commented that she had been seeing an awful lot of me lately;-) 582 more words

French Fridays With Dorie

vanilla butter-braised lobster {ffwd}

Greetings from the frozen white tundra!

For years, we’ve used Valentine’s Day as an excuse for a special homemade dinner. The menu varies from year to year, but it’s a nice tradition. 603 more words

French Fridays With Dorie

FFWD - Chicken Couscous

I have an electric wok, which was one of the first presents I got when I moved out of my parents’ home. I have it still and it’s always been a welcome addition to any household I’ve been a part of, save for one. 504 more words


chicken couscous {ffwd}

This has been one of the snowiest winters in my recent memory. Not only does it feel like it’s snowing endlessly, every snowstorm seems to dump another foot of snow on us. 616 more words

French Fridays With Dorie

chicken couscous

No pictures today. Our internet connection has been acting up all week and the act of uploading a picture just seems to be too much. If our internet provider is listening… your days are numbered! 261 more words

French Fridays With Dorie

winter ceviche {ffwd}

This week’s selection for French Fridays with Dorie was Winter Ceviche, a quick appetizer that brought a little tropical tease to my kitchen located in the deep freeze of New England. 369 more words

French Fridays With Dorie