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All I Got From Paris Was Fleas

Mother went on a howling tirade last week after I found her stash of “liquid medicine” in the conservatory, made “Molotov cocktails” and threw them all at the “cat.” 224 more words


French Girls Street Style For Fashion Week

By the last leg of Fashion Month (a.k.a. the holy grail that is Paris Fashion Week), you’d think showgoers would be fresh out of outfit ideas, fleeing discomfort for, well, … 132 more words


Top Ten Trending Tech Tools!

I am going to get right into this. There were a number of apps and new tech at #ICE16 that came up so many times and were mentioned that I decided to come up with a quick list of the top ten that were buzzing around the conference. 1,438 more words


Portraits via French Girls App for IPhone and IPad

There is this truly fantastic application available on the IStore called ‘French Girls’. The essence of the app is to take Selfies and Draw Selfies, what the creators were not expecting though was how the global artist community would no only embrace the app but also transcend it’s original purpose with French Girls now serving as a profitable platform for thousands of artists on a  weekly basis. 210 more words


2x French Girls 

Thank you for your trust … it was a good time​

Nous vous remercions de votre confiance … il était un bon moment

always natural!!! 9 more words


Hollywood Romanticizes the French

I’ve always dreamt of becoming a writer just so I can take an artistic pilgrimage in Paris. I had this idea to live in the city and brood about life and create art while taking my contemplative walks across gloomy streets. 147 more words


The enduring appeal of the French girl

They’re the reason the phrase je ne sais quoi was invented.

From Marie Antoinette (actually Austrian) to Jane Birkin (British but Serge) to Emmanuelle Alt and Léa Seydoux (both born and raised in Paris) and the ones whose names you don’t know, pop culture has been charmed, bewitched, smitten and titillated by those madames and mademoiselles for hundreds of years, making their mythical allure a cliché for the ages. 204 more words