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Our prayers and condolences to…

Germanwings  Airbus, flight A320  traveling to Dusseldolf crashed into the French Alps, French Government believe that there are no survivors,150 people  are feared to be dead…

A 47-Year Old Love Story Lives On After Charlie Hebdo Attacks

Georges Wolinski, one of the 12 victims of the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks, would leave love notes for his wife on Post It notes throughout their home. 46 more words

Charlie Hebdo

The Vigipirate Plan

Little red triangles, labeled VIGIPIRATE with ALERTE ATTENTAT written underneath, have popped up all over Paris. The first time I noticed one was at my local post office. 595 more words


France's Initiative to Stop Radicalism

The title of this article caught my eye as I was browsing through the news section of a media aggregate so I decided to delve into the article and as I continued reading I became more and more confused as to how the French government could see this as a “smart” decision. 340 more words

Je Suis Juif


I am Jewish, as my wuman. We, avataresses, tend to adopt our wumen’s identity, so Je suis un Juif. I see her grief, her tears for the murdered yesterday at the kosher supermarket in Paris, and can but share her emotional state. 321 more words


Maryam Rajavi Condemns Ruthless Terror Attack in Paris

The Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran reported Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, strongly condemned the ruthless terrorist attack on the office of a French magazine in Paris on Wednesday January 7, 2015.   106 more words


Unveiling Gender Equality

A “fear of Islam” has swept through European countries thanks in part to a large influx of Muslim immigrants and a rising birth rate for Muslim families in the last decade ( 573 more words