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French Kissing.

Prior to visiting a country, I read on its customs and traditions, research its greetings and good byes. Once in the country I learn that I could have saved the time! 722 more words


Sexual Fluidity - part II

Following on from my post yesterday, I am writing a series of blogs about sexuality. They are not from a professional/clinical viewpoint – I am just an interested observer and participant. 756 more words


My Pay Back for Her

So she wanted me to pay her back from her giving me some anal sex this morning.  She laid in bed, I laid next to her and kissed her.  322 more words


Surprise Sex

Last night we where going to bed.  I thought that we were just going to go to bed.  I went to kiss her and we ended up making out.  202 more words


Finally Some Sex

After a week without sex and only one Blowjob, I am so wanting to feel my cock in her pussy.  As we are taking a shower, I can’t keep my hands off her.  258 more words


We are laying in bed watching TV, I figured that we where just going to be going strait to bed after the show was over.  Boy was wrong.  366 more words


The First Time Determines the Others? (Easy A)

You always seem to end up with the same kind of guy that ends up being a jerk? Or don’t understand how that one friend always gets this prince charming? 611 more words