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Is The French Breakfast In Decline?

French Breakfast Has suffered a Decline

“According to a recent survey the French breakfast has suffered a decline over the past 10 years…Although 93% of still consider breakfast vital for a good dietary equilibrium.” 18 more words

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Arghh March is here, does that mean Spring is here?

After last week’s sunny days, this week has brought us rain, rain and oh yes, even more rain. Thanks mother nature. I know we need water and god knows I don’t want to deprive the grape vines – I want a bumper harvest so we have fabulous wine next year, but come on! 520 more words

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In praise of electric bikes

My neurologist encourages minimum medicine plus maximum exercise for my Parkinson’s Disease.  I’ve always been a bit sporty and have been mainly happy to concur, especially as I know it really does make me feel better.   310 more words

Parkinson's Disease

On Holiday with the French

Almost everyone seems to agree that French tourists are extremely hard to please…as everything must be just right.

British tourists, on the other hand, will only complain in the most extreme cases, and as long as there is plenty of sunshine…and cheap booze available, they are perfectly happy.

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Service 'sans' smile

You may read the heading of this post and assume it’s going to be another litany of complaint against France and all things French. You would be wrong, although that would be a reasonable assumption. 580 more words


Typical French Food Recipes

Best French Cuisine…

The phrase for breakfast is “le petit déjeuner” (the little lunch).

“Les crèpes” are a type of pancake.

“Une ficelle”, “un petit pain”, “une baguette” and “une flûte” are all types of bread. 69 more words

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A Frenglish Potpourri

Some videos about my book and other Frenglish things and thoughts | See more about My Life in the Jura – A Frenglish Potpourri

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