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The Very Best Hostess Gift

We missed the Fourth of July. Don’t know how. For several years when we first moved to our little village in the south of France, we hosted a July 4th cookout. 956 more words


The Truffula Trees

The platanes got cropped. Once their leaves finally popped out, they reminded me of the Truffula trees in the Dr. Seuss book, “The Lorax.”

If you aren’t up on your Seuss, “The Lorax” is an environmentalist… 222 more words


La 85eme Victime ou, comment faire avec cet mal?

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

— Franklin Roosevelt

SAINT-PIC-LE-LOUPE (Dordogne), France — What I remember with the most delectation from my first visit to Paris took place in the dark, at the Grand Action cinema in the Latin Quarter, which was showing Fritz Lang’s “While the City Sleeps,” retitled in French “The Fifth Victim.” (If French is the more poetic of the two languages, whoever is in charge of translating movie titles is wanting in this department, although it’s no better going the other direction; American distributors reduced “The Fabulous Destiny of Amelie Poulain” to “Amelie,” denuding the title of this cinematic proverb of its moral.) Returning to Paris the following summer, I luxuriated in walking from my flat at 33 rue Lamartine (where Baudelaire once lived) in the 9th arrondissement, along the rue La Fayette (“I am here!”), then the Boulevard Jean Jaures to the parc La Villette for the annual outdoor cinema festival. 959 more words


If you’re in France during the summer, it’s worth keeping an eye out for local fêtes, where a big helping of charm is served with your meal. 281 more words


Searching for sunshine

After the neurologist gave me the Parkinsons Disease diagnosis he said I could and should just carry on with my life as normal but things might take me a bit longer and I would be a bit more tired. 446 more words

Parkinson's Disease

Recuperating & Recovering: Making sense of the senseless, fighting chaos with art

“Mon ame me dit qu’ici c’est trop hard-core.”
— Lola Lafon

“The opposite of death isn’t life; it’s CREATION.”                                                                                                 — Jonathan Larsen, “Vivre la vie Boheme,” from “RENT” 951 more words

Blazing, Amazing

Let’s not lose sight of  beauty. Let’s not forget how to feel wonder and excitement and awe.

I would have posted this on Friday, but events interfered. 339 more words