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Carnival of Pétassou

First we heard the loud music in the quiet streets of Daglan followed by a tractor with a scarecrow type figure attached to the tailor at the back… 166 more words


Trees along the Montclard road

“…begin with the near and familiar. It is in learning to love and cherish our own little tree, or field or brook that we become fitted for wider and deeper affections”

138 more words

monochrome monday: domarget halt

“Le Cévenol” rail route links Clermont Ferrand with Nimes and has 106 tunnels and many viaducts. Originally built to transport wine and opened in 1870, it still runs regular services through the stunning Haute-Loire and Cevennes countryside. 71 more words


Brightening up the winter blues

Not much chance to capture many photographic wonders when the weather has been so miserable, but today bought a cheery-up visitor to the garden… a European Green Woodpecker. 95 more words

French Life

Almond Blossom and Blue Skies

Mother Nature is continuing to confuse us all, including the trees, flora and fauna.  Our already warm winter has heated up over the last couple of days with barmy February temperatures of 22degrees and at last a couple of days of blue skies and sunshine. 51 more words

Living In France

Le bon timing

Timing, as they say, is everything.

It is ironic that here in the land of complicated schedules and a season for everything, we must borrow from English to express the notion of timing. 547 more words


Enter Lucy (Part Deux)

Carried on from Part Un.

No two dogs are ever the same, and it didn’t take long after we got her home before Lucy’s… quirks… started to become apparent. 505 more words