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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Store

Ok, technically it was on my way back from the store, but the police were getting in position when I left the hotel, so I know another protest was about to begin. 296 more words

Expat Life

Our New Bibliothèque (library)

Daglan’s municipal library had a grand opening last Monday afternoon.  A speech was given by our Maire Pascal Dussol in the garden at the back of the Maire. 263 more words


The Comte and Comtesse X: 1912

Amongst the upper classes it is not an unknown thing for Madame to have un ami, and, as for Monsieur, he very frequently has his… 438 more words

News And Announcements

We're not alone.

When I moved to France, I made the decision I was not going to be one of those immigrants that only hangs out with English speaking people. 352 more words


Être de mariage

There is something special about being invited to attend a wedding in France. They even have a special locution for it. You don’t go to… 710 more words


May orchids at St-Maurice-de-Tavernoles

It was a warm sunny day with a partly covered sky when I finally went to see the path of the orchids at St-Maurice-de-Tavernole.  I’ve had the intention of going since I was given the beautiful guide “Les Orchidée Sauvage” of the Haute-Saintonge which is available free, thanks to the funding from the Communauté de Communes de la Haut-Saintonge but I always seemed to miss the season. 644 more words


Remembering Paris, Daniele, And Our Great Times Together

In another month Bonaparte and I will be back in France. This time it’ll be different because we won’t be in Paris.  Since Daniele’s passing, Bonaparte finds it very difficult to return. 448 more words