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The Good and the Bad - 2

There are so many little things that I’ll miss and won’t miss about living here that it’s hard to group them into a whole idea. When I think of people not moving to the side when someone is walking towards them on the footpath, so that you have to step into the gutter or onto the road, it seems like a very annoying thing, and yet, that’s all I can really say about it! 745 more words

French Life

A French Love Story

You never know when someone will reveal their heart. Their true feelings.

We were invited to dinner last weekend. All three couples in attendance have known each other for many years now. 755 more words

French Life

Les feux de l'amour

Long before Netflix was born, way before digital came to town, years before anyone watched TV on their computer, a woman moved to Lyon, France, and found herself rather alone. 577 more words


The Good and the Bad - 1

I remember when we were winding up our stay in Montreal, I wrote a list of things I’d miss about Montreal (you can read about them… 528 more words

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Count Down

How time flies! We’ve been here for nearly 10 months and I suddenly realised the other day that we only had a few weeks to go until we have to be out of our apartment (although we’ll be on holidays for a couple of weeks after that before leaving for home). 447 more words

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Team soul mate - notes and plans

I often refer to Tony in my posts. He is my rock, soul mate, breakfast and tea maker, solid sharer of life’s stresses and calming problem solver in a crisis. 1,828 more words

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All feathered up

Well one week and counting. I can’t wait. My girls are all growed up and shortly to have swimming lessons.

As you can hear Tony hasn’t got the names yet…goosies will do for a while but if one needs to go to the naughty corner…I need to wag my finger at the right goose! 16 more words

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