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Village Life

The French countryside is studded with little gems of villages, often boldly at the crest of a hill, from where its church steeple and, likely, a fortress tower, bristles above the horizon. 1,046 more words

French Life

Captain Of Your Own Life

Life is kind of like sailing. You can set out on one course and with the change of wind end up in a completely different direction. 245 more words

French Life

Wild Fire

Last weekend, we had a picnic in the garrigue, that magical wild place of this part of southern France. It smells like wild thyme and dry pine, with some wild rosemary thrown in. 762 more words

French Life

Say Hello to the Maison Mûrier Blog

Hi Everyone

Sorry this there hasn’t been many blog posts this year, we have been busy renovating our house and also building a new website and blog. 101 more words

Living In France

Frog legs tales [ 3 year anniversary living in France ]

Life in France is similar to a rollercoaster adventure. You’re you’re all excited to ride on, but when you get close to the top, you suddenly want to go back on land. 210 more words

Being Human

Back Roads in France

Voluptuous is the word for France in mid-summer. The vegetation spills generously, luxuriously, langorously over the countryside. It’s full of curves and twirls and flourishes. It smells good. 620 more words



I’ve had culture shock many times, but this one took the gâteau.

A few years ago, a restaurant was built on the edge of a parking lot of a Carcassonne strip mall. 820 more words