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Getting inventive with local cuisine...

So I like our roams around the local supermarket and picking up whatever weird and wonderful items we can find to use in our cooking. Today I have found a particularly tasty looking specimen. 763 more words


Kinh nghiệm học tập hiệu quả hơn tại Pháp

Năm học mới đến rồiii !

Thật tình là vui buồn lẫn lộn các bạn ạ, mà hình như buồn nhiều hơn =))) Đùa thôi, anh em ta cứ có gì hưởng đó vậy =))) Don’t worry be happyy chú Bob Marley hay hát bài đó đó ! 2,856 more words


Chocolate for breakfast!? 

So it was chocolate croissants- pain au chocolate or chocolatines as they are known here- that has led us to this blog. One morning whilst shamelessly stuffing our faces with the chocolate-lay breakfast treat we realised in the last few weeks we have inadvertently set ourselves on a quest to find the best pain au chocolate and that we should somehow share our findings. 560 more words

French Life

Make it special- even if it's out of a jar!! 

So I’m sure I’m not the only one that sometimes reverts to *shock horror* … dinner out of a tin or jar 😊 but with a few tweaks it can be made a bit more special! 748 more words


Now on Instagram!

So to make it easier for us to share pictures of pretty, pretty food we’ve cooked and found I’ve also started an instagram account @cookingontwoburners. Take a look for some pics of items I’ve not necessarily got round to popping on here yet and will give you a little taste of just how food orientated we are!! 28 more words


Walnut Bread.

One of the culinary joys this time of year is the new season of walnuts, which Paul and I have been foraging along the lanes leading from the village of Daglan. 572 more words


Giới thiệu bản thân

Xin chào !

Vì là một đứa trẻ ngoan và biết nghe lời nên hôm nay mình mạo mụi viết một bài về bản thân (vì mọi người đã vote bài này nhiều nhất đó nhớ không? 1,112 more words