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August draws to a close

August has been hot.  The garden has survived.  We have had two recent thunderstorms with rain to relieve the parched plants.  I am creating a new border on the left hand side and had new plants and cuttings that had to be watered, I just had not the time to go round all the established plants but all have survived except for my fragrant Skimmia that I had raised as a cutting from Aberdeen.   460 more words


Sauf exception

The first time I heard the expression ‘sauf exception’ I was sure it was a mistake. Except for exceptions? It sounded like the invention of a bureaucrat somewhere in an ivory tower, a grammatically clunky attempt to make sure there is always a way out of any situation. 366 more words


Bien dans mes baskets

What we call trainers, sneakers or running shoes, the French call ‘baskets’ or ‘tennis’.

Whatever you call them, I love my running shoes. I just feel good or, ‘bien dans mes baskets’, as the saying goes, whenever I wear them. 418 more words



Yesterday when sunbathing on our deck I thought I heard sheep baahing; the sound seemed to be coming from our neighbour Colette’s garden. Further investigation proved correct – she has invested in some sheep to help keep her grass down. 100 more words

French Life

Glow worm update

Yesterday I was contacted by the Observatoire des Vers Luisants that is the Observatory of glow worms.  I was asked if I would be willing to repeat my “ 163 more words