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To think is not to exit the cave, nor to replace the uncertainty of the shadows with the clear-cut contours of the things themselves, the flickering light of a flame with the light of the true Sun.

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20th Century

Robert Pinget's Journals

An excerpt from the writer’s diaries, translated by Barbara Wright:

I was still very much under the influence of the surrealists, of attempts to approach the unconscious; in short of experiments made on language in what might be called its nascent state, that’s to say: independent of any rational order. 148 more words


'The Hitchhiking Game' by Milan Kundera

The Hitchhiking Game by Milan Kundera, 1969

The magic trick:

Breaking the story up into 12 small chapters

“The Hitchhiking Game” is broken into 12 short chapters, emphasizing the story’s central theme: the truth can shift – especially emotional truth – by the hour, so be careful! 357 more words

Short Stories

Parlez, bijoux!

There is nothing like being a human. As ridiculous as a work may be, if it is praised it will succeed.
—Denis Diderot, trans. Sophie Hawkes, … 1,006 more words


Twist Endings and the Morals of Guy de Maupassant’s “The Necklace”

“How life is strange and changeful! How little a thing is needed for us to be lost or to be saved!”[i]

Twist endings to stories, apart from their entertainment value, are interesting because they always have a specific moral attached to them. 1,620 more words

Lascivious lust and lunatic desires...

A zombie rises from the grave of French literature to stalk the earth once more! This bizarre novel – written in 1697 – marks the first mention of the word “zombie” in world literature. 92 more words