Paris Hit Once Again

Paris has once again been hit by a terrorist outrage, but who will be next? It seems to me that the government and the police in many countries are not doing their job properly. 543 more words


IS claims attack on French police which killed 1, injured 2

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attack on the French police that left 1 dead and two wounded. The IS claimed the attack by making an announcement through its news agency, Amaq.

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Vicky Nanjappa

French police identify suspect in Champs-Elysees shooting attack


French police officials said the chief suspect in a deadly shooting attack on police officers patrolling the Champs-Elysees in Paris on Thursday was a 39-year-old man from a suburb east of the French capital with a criminal past. 727 more words

Daily News

French police arrest two suspects in Marseille over 'imminent attack' on the eve of the French presidential election

AFP, AP and Reuters

© Thomas, Samson, AFP | Archival picture shows a French police unit in Garges-lès-Gonesse, near Paris, on March 18, 2017.Two men were arrested on Tuesday in Marseille, southern France, on suspicion of planning an attack during presidential elections which open on Sunday, according to the French interior minister. 173 more words

Kim Kardashian's stolen jewellery has almost certainly been melted down re-cut and sold off- French police

The multi-million pounds cache of jewels stolen from Kim Kardashian in Paris has been melted down or re-cut and sold off, police sources said today. 144 more words

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Press secretary of the French Gendarmery and the magistrate of the French Ministry of Justice on women in sphere of security and law

Lieutenant-colonel Karine Lejeune and magistrate Clemence Meyer on what is it like to be a lady and work in the Ministry of Internal Affaires and Ministry of Justice. 6 more words


Dobrynya, le chiot offert par la Russie, arrive en France / Щенок Добрыня прибыл во Францию

Dobrynya, un chiot berger allemand offert par la Russie à la France pour remplacer Diesel, une chienne policière tuée dans l’assaut contre l’organisateur présumé des attentats du 13 novembre à Paris, arrive en France vendredi, 8 décembre. 32 more words