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Potato & Polenta Porridge Hard Cider Bread

      This was an interesting experimental bread.  I decided to use a potato cut up into little pieces along with the polenta in the actual porridge.  I wanted to have actual pieces of potato in the bread and it worked like a charm.  631 more words

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Cherry Walnut Yeast Water Bread

    It’s been a while since I baked with a Yeast Water starter and I now that cherries are in season and inexpensive I figured it was time to build one again. 535 more words


Caramelized Onion, Maple Bread

If you love onions this one is for you.  I had some leftover caramelized onions that my wife had cooked up so I decided to incorporate them into my next bread.  555 more words

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Buckwheat Whole Wheat Bread

  It’s nice to be home after a two week business trip to Asia.  I’m always happy to bake some fresh bread after eating pretty crappy bread most of my trip. 564 more words

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Sourdough Date Onion Bread

  I’ve made a similar bread before and loved the way the dates add a natural sweetness to the bread.  This time I decided to add some more natural sweetness with some caramelized onions. 575 more words

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Barley Walnut Pecan Sourdough

I just received my order from KAF the other day and wanted to use the barley flour I had ordered.  I love the nutty flavor barley flour provides so why not up the nutty flavor a few notches and add some walnuts and pecans? 524 more words

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San Joaquin Inspired Pecan Meal Sourdough Batard

    This is similar to a bake I did a little while ago but I changed things up a little.  I used a much higher % of freshly milled whole wheat flour and a little less whole rye.   450 more words

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