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News... Smash Williams Share New Track 'After A Time'

Let’s talk about Smash Williams. No, no, not Brian “Smash” Williams from the American football-centred TV show Friday Night Lights but the Scottish power duo who are attempting to inject a good dose of fun back into indie rock (and judging but the luminous pink they like to use, they’re already succeeding pretty well on that point). 186 more words


French Wives :: Younger

French Wives :: Younger
Available on Amazon: MP3 | Album

I walk these crowded hallways
I curse the ground beneath my seat
I’m on my faded glamour…

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Farewell to the French Wives

So last Thursday approximately three and a half years after I first stumbled across the mellow, idiosyncratic tunes of French Wives in the shape of their first song ‘ 453 more words


#42 The Sentric Music Podcast September 2013

Och! What’s that I hear in the distance? Is it the beautiful harmonious tones of the bagpipes playing Flower of Scotland? No – it’s September’s Sentric Music Podcast which has all gone a bit Scottish this month with half of the track listing being from our neighbours in the north. 40 more words


10 New Songs

10. Neko Case “Man” 

Neko Case is a golden classic. But her new song “Man” mixes up her signature twang nicely with some edgy lyrics: 815 more words


Stag and Dagger 2013: the breadcrumbs edition

Boom. And another exhaustive (and exhausting) episode of Stag & Dagger comes and goes. This year, the replacement of Broadcast for The Captain’s Rest and the limiting of Stereo to the afters club had a couple of effects – first that the festival felt a little smaller (a feeling compounded by the impression that there were more local acts on the bill than before and fewer acts, I think, in total) and second, that it consequently felt more doable. 809 more words