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Les P'tits z'Amis

Youtube has a plethora of resources that language teachers can use with their students. One channel I have found to be particularly useful for my French students is  76 more words

Names of twins in a 16th C French register from Canterbury

One of the most fun things about baptismal registers is getting to see the patterns of names that parents choose for multiple children — both singleton kids over a period of years, and multiples in the sense of twins (I’m not sure I’ve ever come across any baptisms of triplets or higher; unsurprisingly). 125 more words

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Learning French on Duolingo

New vocabulary from Duolingo Stories

Un cric

Un rencard

La paperasse
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Dưới đây là danh sách những bài viết mình cộng tác cùng Kenh14 cho mảng review phim ảnh. Mình viết cũng có cơn lắm, nhưng tất cả những con chữ mình viết ra đều yêu cầu một độ sâu nhất định. 204 more words

Cảm Hứng A Tới Z

Stranded without kits or rations

Percy Spencer had a trying journey through France – but he was better off than one of his comrades who fell in a sewage ditch. 263 more words

News From The Front: The Grim Reality Of War

French By Osmosis and Other Study Abroad Myths

I remember last year when we were applying for our years abroad and we had to submit “motivation letters” basically outlining why we wanted to do it. 1,336 more words