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Two Languages in Three Months|My Eureka Challenge

So how difficult is it to learn a new language?

In three months….?

How about two languages in three months?

Seems that I will found out soon. 656 more words



Origin: French, English

Meaning: the name of a genus of flowering plants, named after royal French gardeners Jean Robin and his son Vespasian. Robin is an English diminutive of Robert meaning “bright fame”.


Raison D’être

The French really have a way with language, don’t they?

There are all of these fancy words and phrases that the English have adopted and now use to a) sound more sophisticated and cultured or b) because the word is a much more attractive and simple way of explaining yourself than that long winded sentence. 233 more words


Oh I forgot to add my French

So I just realized I forgot to add a very important piece of me into this reconstruction phase of my life. I am also teaching myself french. 180 more words

May 4, 2016 | Dream Journal | Many Transitions

I had a very long transitional dream with many different transitions, I woke up remembering more of them but I got out of bed too quickly to get my MP3 player to voice record them, and this caused my brain to start forgetting them quickly because I did not organize them enough before quickly getting out of bed to voice record them so I forgot parts of this dream that I had remembered at first unfortunately. 1,695 more words


Editorial: On signs, Quebec anglos would like some courtesy too, please

The sign regulations Quebec introduced Tuesday do not seem unreasonable. They simply require businesses with English trademark names, which are protected under the law, to add an accompanying few words of French on outdoor signage. 423 more words