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French last names

In many European languages information for the English speaker family names are often preceded by a preposition (de, da, di, von, and van all mean “of”), an article (le and la mean “the”) or both (du, des, del,de la, della and van der all mean “of the”). 814 more words


French Given Names and Surnames

French Given Names and Surnames

French people have one, two or more given names (first names). One of them (nowadays almost always the first, in the past often the last) is used in daily life (but someone can also choose a username that was not given); the others are solely for official documents, such as passport, birth, death and marriage certificates. 674 more words


2 | Shipped Off To Scotland

Some of the so called plans I had in Shipped off to France Part 1 like changing majors, finishing school early, moving to Europe etc.., actually did happen, much to the astonishment of many friends and family. 1,300 more words


Part II | What I Wish I Knew Before Dating A Frenchie

Yo! Alert! This is Part II of “What I wish I knew before dating a Frenchie.” Check out Part I here first if you are shamelessly behind schedule. 2,042 more words


How I Fell In Love with Wine in San Francisco

Contributed by Cecilia Bandalan – It was a cold winter day in San Francisco, and I had just turned twenty-one years old. I was also dating a French guy from Marseille here on a temporary visa working at a biotech company. 451 more words

Part I | What I wish I Knew Before Dating A Frenchie

Before I dive into the subject, I partnered up with my friend Rosie, who hosts an amazing Youtube channel, Not Even French! We discussed this same topic in her video below. 1,469 more words


Mrs Fit Flashes The Neighborhood

Mrs Fit stretched her long legs luxuriously in the steamy, bubbly, bath and gave a sigh of utter contentment.  She contemplated her good fortune at having the house all to herself, a rare event, as she sipped a tall glass of bubbly and delicately bit into a chocolate truffle. 631 more words