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New Orleans is unlike any place I’ve ever been. It isn’t Europe, it isn’t the Caribbean, it isn’t America – it is a perfect eclectic mix of all 3 with its’ own unique heartbeat. 451 more words

Tracey Nolan

NOLA Day #3, or my apparent quest to walk thousands of steps on minimal sleep.

I’ve already received one comment on my last post, from @aleksawal. She is currently in NOLA, as well, and is very behind in her blog posts. 1,064 more words

Dashingly Handsome Movie Great, Frenchman Louis Jourdan Dies at 93

Louis Jourdan was married to his sweetheart for 60 years until she died last year. That was his one and only marriage.

Watching his old films, as I’ve often done, you know you’re watching a decent, civilized man, a Euro man through and through. 168 more words

Dealing with Air France: An Anecdote

I like the French as much as the next America (which is not very much), but I cannot stress to you enough how terrible taking Air France has been. 709 more words

International Travel

Jan 20-22: classes and drinks

I need to write these more frequently because I can’t remember what I did on which day.

First class, “voix du peuples” with a professor who, after reading about her online, seemed like she’d be great but really difficult. 1,726 more words