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Research Question: Is lower income associated with worse health from a global perspective?

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Modern Elementary Statistics by John E. Freund
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Modern Elementary Statistics is an introdutory level textbook that teaches the fundamentals of modern statistics. 111 more words

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Histograms and Density Estimation in R

It’s well-known that monthly returns tend to be closer to normally distributed than daily returns. In their analysis of daily returns for the purposes of event studies, Stephen J. 1,030 more words


Derive some facts of the negative binomial distribution

The previous post called The Negative Binomial Distribution gives a fairly comprehensive discussion of the negative binomial distribution. In this post, we fill in some of the details that are glossed over in that previous post. 1,210 more words


Relating Binomial and Negative Binomial

The negative binomial distribution has a natural intepretation as a waiting time until the arrival of the rth success (when the parameter r is a positive integer). 403 more words