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How to set test case priority in TestNG?

Below is the code for setting test case priority in TestNG

package TestNG;
import org.testng.annotations.*;
public class SettingPriority {
public void method1() {
System.out.println(“Test Case 1”) 37 more words

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Other kind of Applet User Properties in Siebel


This user properties hide applet if it contains no data.

  • Y. If the applet contains no data, then hide it.
  • N. If the applet contains no data, then do not hide it.
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Explanation on EBC and VBC in siebel

EBC: Basically, EBC is integration of siebel data layer with external table.We import the external table in siebel which creates a new entry of tables in siebel then we can create BC,View,Applet to map the table.Once you import the table an entry for proxy table gets created in Siebel Table.It is based on data source defined on BC and table. 72 more words

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How to tackle with slow typing in IE using Selenium WebDriver?

  • First of all if you are using 64 bit IE in your window then uninstall your 64 bit IE version and install 32 bit IE version on window.
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Example of Data Validation Manager in Siebel.

Expression 1:

IIf(<>LookupValue (“SALE_TYPE”, “Disconnect”) AND <>LookupValue (“SALE_TYPE”, “Like for Like”) AND <>LookupValue (“SALE_TYPE”, “Unlike for Like”) , BCHasRows (“Order Entry (Sales)”, “Order Entry Attachment”, “='”++”‘ AND = ‘” + LookupValue(“DOCUMENT_TYPE”, “Contract”) +”‘”, “All”), “Y”) 25 more words

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