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Is anyone reading these days ?

In a world where things are evaluating very fast, where people are so eager to be on top of everyone,where most of the parents have forgotten how to think and not what to think,it’s no wonder that the world starts to go down. 745 more words

Are Teens Reading

3 Easy Ways to Pray with Your Kids

Prayer is just one of those things we are supposed to know how to do. However, this is hardly the case for everyone. Sure, most of us probably have the main parts down: put your hands together, close your eyes and ask God for something. 695 more words


Let's get started! Tying the Knot

One of the most frequent questions new comers have about fishing is “how do I tie my line to my hook?”

Two words, “Clinch Knot”. 19 more words


Works For Me Wednesday- Clean Printer Cartridge

I often get asked in the office “Tari help!” one of the frequent questions is “Why is my printer printing smudge marks all over my very important document?!” This is frequently followed by a “Fix this yesterday!” It is quite fortunate that besides my fantastic… 195 more words


we've got the answers :)

Is the allowance enough for living in Malang?

The monthly allowance is 2 million rupiah (around $200). Your monthly living cost will include accomodation – around 500.000 rupiah, transportation – 3.000 rupiah/ride with angkot, telephone – 20.000 rupiah. 274 more words

Frequent Questions

Purpose (Why does this guy post so much?)

The current goal of this WordPress site is to utilize it for a smallish CMS…not sure how far this will go, but the intent is there.   40 more words