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Insalata fresca d' orzo

Con l’inizio della primavera e l’estate alle porte, sicuramente una fresca insalata è il massimo per le nostre papille.

INDREDIENTI (per 4 persone)


Fresca Baby Sort

Well, after three weeks, Fresca’s two babies are only half the size of all other weaned pigs. Even though there is a male and a female, both of these will be slaughtered, as I don’t want them in my breeding program. 47 more words


46- fresca - fresh - 新鮮的

There are many words so similar to English, this one is one of them:)

Fresca patate, fresca aria, fresca aqua

Any nouns can make sense with this word, then I can put them behind it! :)
Perfetto! :D


Fresca had Babies

The nursery is working! I like being able to keep an intense eye on my new mother piggies. But, on 2/21/15, Fresca gave birth to two healthy little Guinea pigs. 27 more words


Random Thought

So as I was running this morning, I was listening to beautiful mornings calls of the native birds, which were then tragically ruined by the vociferous sounds of roosters. 116 more words


More Than Slightly Aggravated Head Chefs

Happy Saturday! Considering I haven’t done a restaurant review since the Fish restaurant, which was quite a while ago, I figured I’d do not one, but two reviews! 313 more words