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Because Easter is really about this man coming back.

Istanbul – 2015


Fresca, I love you

I wanted to write this post to have some fun and profess my love for Fresca. Specifically, the original grapefruit flavour.

Fresca is my go-to drink when I’m going to a pre before the bar or a friend’s house where there will be drinking. 163 more words



With a unique citrus taste, Fresca is a caffeine-free soft drink
for discriminating adults. Fresca was introduced in the United
States in 1966 as a calorie-free grapefruit-flavored drink. 60 more words


sábado a la tarde de diluvio en Vicente Lopez y yo sola con 25′ libres!!! (entre una actividad de un hijo y la actividad de los otros dos) y muerta de ganas de tomar un café. 404 more words

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The (Previous) Week in Drinks


I’ve mentioned that I love the Starbucks Secret Pink Drink, right? I’ve been meaning to try and make my own at home, but this was the first time that I actually had all the seemingly right ingredients: strawberries, green tea, açai juice, and coconut milk! 795 more words

Let's Read This Island

Flying home earlier this year, having drank too many Frescae, I was staring out the window when an island came into view. It was a bright and clear summer day and the island was well-framed in the water. 141 more words

Landscape Architecture