Freshly Caught Mackerel on a Tray

Fresh fish dish, hand caught on the beach by my dad earlier today, my dad said I could have some if I cooked it for him, now that’s organic and fair trade! 113 more words


Tomato Basil Salmon

This kind of looks like a pizza.

You need:

1 large salmon fillet

2 delicious tomatoes

1/4 cup sliced onion

1/4 cup basil

2 cloves of garlic… 173 more words


Wild Columbia Salmon in Hood River

Zero Waste shopping in Hood River, Oregon

If you’re in Hood River and have the chance to grill, fry or somehow cook, you have to get a piece of the fresh caught Columbia Salmon. 223 more words

Minus The Plastic

Fresh fish for sale (2012)

On a weekend morning walk at the Harbour, I saw a boat crew selling freshly caught fish.  They had lots of customers lining up. Was their fish cheaper or better than the market’s?


New Zealand


Saltaire is looking good and we cant wait to try it out!

Opening at the end of this month

We popped in the other day and things are coming along, we were not able to look at the menu but were told that the oysters, fresh fish and wine will be out of this world! 21 more words


Spicy Ahi Poke with Sriracha -or- What to do with 50 Pounds of Fresh Tuna?

The Husband went fishing this weekend, and his share of the catch was more than 50 pounds of the tuna they caught. My freezer is full to overflowing, I’m contacting all the neighbors, and searching the web for ahi recipes. 175 more words

Food And Drink

Cartagena Part II- Baru

Just a short distance from the city of Cartagena is the island of Baru, a pristine beach with rustic cabanas and an incredibly relaxing vibe. Getting to and from the island was a bit complicated as the buses and boats that get you there only go at certain times for the purposes of day trips. 772 more words