Darina Allen's Fish Papillote with Hollandaise Sauce

Named for the pouch in which it cooks, this dish steams the fish in foil while imbuing it with the richness of Irish butter made with grass-fed cow’s milk. 182 more words


Fun on the Waves

Anyone want fresh fish for dinner? Come on down this winter for an awesome time on the water with your family or friends! Down here in the Keys, our days are filled with warm sunshine, laughter, and the best fishing ever. 51 more words

Reef Fishing

Nommy lunch 

​Garlicy zucchini (from the garden) noodles and fresh snapper fried in butter with capsicum, tomatoes and spinach (also from the garden) 😀

Hwacheon Ice Festival

If you are ever in South Korea for the second week of January, you should go to the Hwacheon Ice Festival. It’s a wonderful example of a lot of my favorite things about Korea. 536 more words

And Where I've Been

Fresh And Frozen Seafood Guidelines

Here is a nice, short video by the US FDA with advice on how to choose fresh or frozen seafood. I feel like good advice on seafood handling cannot be repeated enough. 177 more words

Choosing Seafood


Today we are grateful for the protection of a mountain range from a hurricane, for our families, and for a short paddle out to some fishy waters. 318 more words

Costa Rica

And he can cook, too!

A lot seems to be changing around here in the Mal Pais/Santa Teresa area.  There’s a lot of construction going on, new hotels and restaurants popping up left and right, work on the roads and water lines. 453 more words

Costa Rica