Suppliers and chefs, a love story

During a recent media lunch at La Marina Foods’ deli in Johannesburg I was reminded of our much loved and always missed Walter Ulz, chef patron of Linger Longer fine-dining restaurant in Johannesburg. 1,106 more words


Golden Fish Curry

New York Herald Tribune journalist Henry Morton Stanley finally found his rock star explorer in the village market of Ujiji on the eastern shore of Lake Tanganyika on November 10, 1871. 645 more words

Family Favorite

Tanzania's Fresh Food

Photo courtesy: Duniasikuzote — Wikimedia Commons

When I lived in Dar es Salaam, there were often shortages due to factory equipment breaking down or a lack of foreign exchange to import certain goods. 100 more words


Fresh Fish Online Home Delivery India

Fish is a high-protein, low-fat food that provides a wide range of health benefits. Eating fish daily is just another way to consume omega-3 fatty acids as health supplements. 244 more words

Fresh Fish Basket

So near, yet so far, a trip to the ancient theatre at Epidauros

It was the evening after the August full moon, the 19th of August when my friend and I went to see “The Birds” by Aristophanes being performed in the ancient theatre at Epidauros. 532 more words


Catfish: Beneficial For The Body And Soul

Some people refuse to eat catfish due to common belief that all catfish are bottom-feeders, and therefore would taste “muddy”. However, this is far from the truth. 699 more words