Fresh Fish - Delivering Fish, Cheese, Ice Cream, and SODA!?

Fresh Fish is an old Friedemann Friese design that has been reworked, updated, and republished. The game is stunningly beautiful and surprisingly fun. It demands a lot of planning and thinking and feels similar to Power Grid in its mathy-ness, but combines that mathy-ness with a fun spatial puzzle. 1,372 more words

Board Game

How to Filet a Fish

Now that camping season is here maybe it’s time to learn a new skill like filleting your own freshly caught fish! Michael and I love fish, unfortunately the last time we went camping was when I was pregnant, however this year now that the baby is a year old we are headed out to wilderness and I can’t wait to catch my own dinner, it feels so primal! 16 more words


Sunburns and Snorkels: Adventures in Kona, HI


Why you should go against the grain and go to the Big fucking Island?

Kona, I don’t even know where to start with this bad boy. 1,043 more words


Amberjack fish

Since our arrival in Florida we have been feasting on fresh fish.

Today we selected a fillet of amber fish, or more commonly known as jack fish. 68 more words

A quick fish stew made with a mix of fish. I’m using monkfish, prawns and clams today, but choose the fish you like. I’ve told my fish monger this is for 2 people, so I’ve got about 20 clams, 6 prawns, and a piece of monkfish. 193 more words

Fish Dishes

Ain't No Food Like Southern Food

Can we talk food for a minute?  I can’t believe it’s been a year now that I’ve been blogging, and I haven’t even touched on this subject, except in the context of dieting and my pitiful attempts to avoid eating bread.   1,025 more words

Bubba's Bistro

Nigiri Sushi with Red Tuna, Salmon, Shrimp and Tilapia

Continuing with my Sushi experiments for this year … next stop Nigiri Sushi.


  • Boil some sushi rice till it’s well done
  • Drain all the excess water and let it cool till it’s lukewarm…
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Low Calorie