So near, yet so far, a trip to the ancient theatre at Epidauros

It was the evening after the August full moon, the 19th of August when my friend and I went to see “The Birds” by Aristophanes being performed in the ancient theatre at Epidauros. 532 more words


Catfish: Beneficial For The Body And Soul

Some people refuse to eat catfish due to common belief that all catfish are bottom-feeders, and therefore would taste “muddy”. However, this is far from the truth. 699 more words

Supermarket Fish: Is It Really Fresh?

When consumers visit the supermarket to purchase fresh fish, they expect the fish to be, well, fresh. But is the fish sold in your supermarket really fresh? 766 more words

Sushi Bar Pet Peeve #2

“What’s fresh?”

Seriously? Asking this does not signify, ensure, or define you as a connoisseur. Instead it labels you as a d’bag because every time I hear it being asked at a Japanese sushi bar, I know how silly that is to ask because everything is served as fresh as can be. 105 more words


Fresh fish display in Tesco Burnley

Shopping in my local Tesco branch I wandered over to the fish counter and noticed that someone had been busy. 

My colleague and fellow-blogger kindadukish recently told me that… 16 more words


Grilled Whole Bass (fresh from the stream)

My family is filled with fishermen (and women). My grandfather came to the US from Greece as a very young man and fishing was part of his DNA. 286 more words

Break The Fast

What's Cooking? Gravad Arctic Char

If you are anything like me then during summer time you are looking for good food that takes little effort. So how about some Arctic char – Röding in Swedish. 339 more words