Mid week menu - 19 to 21 September 2017

We have had a really good crop of pears from our tree this year and put a help yourself box on the front wall which has been emptied twice by passers by now. 203 more words

This week’s fresh fish for Sashimi – September 14th

As always, we find best fresh fish from Canada, East coast, Europe, New Zealand and Japan.

They’re all in our retail fridge.Please take them to cashier first then we take care of making nice Sashimi plate for take-out. 115 more words

Fresh Fish

Atlantic Mackerel from Iceland

Very good quality of fresh (not previously frozen) Mackerel has just arrived!

These are wild caught in North East Atlantic sea. The reason why they’re rich in natural fats is their habitat is in the fresh cold waters north of the Norwegian sea. 12 more words

Fresh Fish

Mid week menu - 12 to 14 September 2017

Don’t feel so bad about not booking Florida for our holiday this year. Our favourite places on the Naples coast may well not be open for a while after these storms pass through. 182 more words

Weekend menu - Friday 8 and Saturday 9 September 2017

If, as happened last night,  a customer rings up a quarter of an hour after their booked time to say they have to “cancel” their table of 4 do we log that as a no show or a cancellation? 257 more words

Mid week menu - 5 to 7 September '17

August was an expensive month repair wise. The glasswasher needed a costly repair the other week and now one of the big fridges has packed up. 225 more words