Abalone 101 - video Awabi Shucked

Abalone are marine mollusks, known as sea snails and are found close to the shores of Hokkaido. The protective shell has a row of respiratory pores along the spiral that allows water to enter their bodies and provide oxygen for the gills for absorption and for to allow wastes to be flushed out. 181 more words


pan fried herbed bass

Want a super – quick & delicious dinner?  Then you want to try this pan fried herbed bass!  A friend had given us some fresh bass which he had cleaned & cut up into small bite size pieces.   225 more words


Mr. T @ Tokyo - video

It’s a chilly morning 6AM and I’m standing on the road waiting for the arrival of Mr.T on his small 50cc motorbike coming directly from the Tsukiji. 500 more words


Definition #376 Dry Dock

Dry Dock Cafe in Southwest Harbor

fresh fish, fresh trust, lives

updated; sharing care of

friends and family 9 more words

Christina Boucher

Garlic and Lemon Fishburgers

Fish, lemon, garlic, parsley and butter, simple and delicious!

This is my version for our families fast food Friday challenge, making fast food equivalents at home. 253 more words

Kid Friendly

Safe Harbor Seafood Market & Restaurant

Date Visited: Saturday, October 10, 2015

Jacksonville is a coastal city and I find that finding fresh seafood in this city at markets is like trying to find Waldo sometimes. 552 more words


Dirty fish

It’s called dirty fish because I wanted to entice my twins to eat the fish as it has a funny name. The seasoned salt and butter are behind the “dirtiness”. 78 more words