Rusty Bellies

Last week on Thursday I had lunch at Rusty Bellies in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

When it was announced that we would be going there for lunch, my students got really excited as it is their favorite place to eat in Tarpon Springs. 153 more words


Mid week menu - 28 to 30 March 2017

 Mother’s day lunch went well with a full dining room and bar, all cleared up now…..next week’s menu done, end of week admin sorted….it must be time for a glass of wine. 173 more words

Enome - Sushi

Enome – えのめ

This sushi shop located in Omicho fish market will have you coming back for more. The fish and rice served here come from a place on Noto island called “Enome”, about 2 hours north of Kanazawa. 93 more words


Fresh fish and barbed wire

The story behind this very international posting begins with our friend Keith in Toronto. Knowing that my wife Jan and I were travelling from Daglan to Lisbon in late February, he sent me a link to a blog about Portugal. 661 more words


1 day in Acapulco

For the ones that follow us on Instagram know that I just had a mini-vacay in Acapulco. About a month ago I moved to Mexico-city and one of the perks of that, is that my weekend getaways went from Paris to out-of-this-World Pacific paradises! 618 more words


Murray's Ahi Tuna Poke

Murray discovered Poke in Hawaii & never looked back! He has tried different recipes over the years but has settled on this one. He likes to buy his Poke at our favourite fish store in Edmonton, Ocean Odyssey Inland. 330 more words

Main Dishes

Dinner - 14 to 16 March '17

Well that’s annoying…….we turned away so many tables on Saturday because we were fully booked but had empty tables on Friday night. Cheltenham this week so hopefully we will see a few of the race goers for dinner. 182 more words