Grilled Whole Bass (fresh from the stream)

My family is filled with fishermen (and women). My grandfather came to the US from Greece as a very young man and fishing was part of his DNA. 286 more words

Break The Fast

What's Cooking? Gravad Arctic Char

If you are anything like me then during summer time you are looking for good food that takes little effort. So how about some Arctic char – Röding in Swedish. 339 more words


Salmon and Potato Cakes with Regal Marlborough Salmon

Salmon. You either love it or you hate it. I know a few people who “don’t mind it” but to be honest, if they had to live without it, they would. 409 more words


Hake fillet with spicy chorizo crumb

I’ve recently got back from a holiday in Spain with my boyfriend, and of course when in Spain you must have paella at least once! When I got home I had a think about how I could re-create similar flavours to the paella, but without the lengthy process of making one from scratch and using a huge amount of salt. 352 more words

Loch Fyne - Norwich

I love the Loch Fyne in Nottingham and just had to try the Norwich one out when I went to see Mary Poppins at the theatre there on Saturday. 319 more words

Roast sea bream with potatoes and olives

Oh my goodness, this was so tasty! And another really simple dish to cook. I used a different fish in the sea bream family which is smaller, called tsipoura, but I will definitely be making it again with a whole sea bream. 211 more words


Speared @ O'Bati

Finding fresh fish is not something common in the Aegean unless you are fishing off the beat and track, or spear fishing. The catch below is caught by the twins brother in Mykonos, co-owner of Nammos and owners of o’bati, a well known establishment where you’ll find fresh fish almost daily, or at least as long as they free dive. 49 more words

Life Cycles