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Hot Trends of 2015

This year Affluence Home Fashions had the delightful opportunity to attend the 2015 Home Gift and Furnishings Showin Atlanta.  This event showcases designers from all over the country, including market veterans and newbies, to display their latest take on home décor from materials to colors to structure.  121 more words

Bedroom Decor

The Travel Buddy Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)…

Here goes, I have completed the WBS. During the development of Travel Buddy (name and domain to be confirmed) I will be leading the reader through the following process: 234 more words

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The Travel Buddy Next Step...

Next Step

The true value of the site lies in creating a quirky, dynamic dialogue between locals and travellers. When a user’s Travel Buddy mobile app orients itself from the highway, throwing up an amusing picture and feature on a passing town which in turn encourages them not only to take the next exit, but to directly contact the person who posted the article, the experience combines the best aspects of travel sites and social media. 96 more words

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The Travel Buddy Website...


Core Functionality

  • Unlimited number of users and roles including setting privileges;
  • Search Engine Optimisation;
  • Document & media management;
  • The creation and customization of users and their preference and habits;
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The Travel Buddy Benefits...


  • End User: Users are able to input preferences, thus tailoring the site to find destinations according to their accommodation, travel method and preferred activities. On a long distance road trip, for example, by entering the postcode of each location along the route the traveller can receive a detailed printout highlighting points of interest along the way, and offering tailored suggestions for accommodation, eating, and activities.
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The Travel Buddy Solution...

The Solution

For local residents, Travel Buddy provides a direct link to an ever growing market of travellers curious to see what is off the highway. 242 more words

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Travel idea currently being worked on...

Travel Buddy: Coming soon… Online, Offbeat and in real time… Travel Buddy is where the traveller leaves the highway for the side road, venturing into the untapped and often downright weird world of Australia’s small communities. 150 more words

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