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Opening Post

Let’s get this under way with one post to explain everything that this blog will be about. I know a lot of people are skeptical of following things that other people do online; 192 more words


Daisy the Flower of the Month for April

April’s birth flower is the daisy which conveys innocence, loyal love, and purity. It is also a flower given between friends to keep a secret; the daisy means “I’ll never tell.” Daisies come in a variety of colors and will surely bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Fresh Ideas

March 8th International Women's Day

International Women’s Day is an occasion honoring women by looking at past accomplishments, celebrating future opportunities, and advocating for gender equality.

Fresh Ideas

#28 : Fresh Ideas for Indoor Gardening [4]

Throw back time : Dec 2014. Christmas.

Use :
(a) 4 drinking glasses from Ikea;

(b) 3 potted plant;

(c) 2 dirty hands ;

(d) 1 hour ; 43 more words

Fresh Ideas

Recycling ideas

A shop in Birmingham came with a revolutionary idea: smart people can come here and sell their used ideas so people who are afraid/too lazy to think can buy and reuse them. 52 more words

No Cure For Stupidity

Simply Delicious Foods

Somebody just launched a new tag line, and some new amazing food items.

Van’s is so well-loved that they now have a new tagline, Van’s Simply Delicious… 727 more words

Fresh Ideas

What Color is Your Apron?

Lately mine has been Blue. Blue Apron came into my life via Courtney at Sweet Tooth Sweet Life. She posted a review of the service and offered 50 readers 2 free meals with Blue Apron, so I jumped on it and received my two free meals and have been hooked ever since. 944 more words

Fresh Ideas