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A letter on grief to my dead brother

I had to call our mother

To tell her you died.

She wasn’t responding to my texts or calls

So I had to call the nursing home where she worked…

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Recently published: "I Am Not the Girl You're in Love With"

“Awake, I think how nice it would be to fall asleep in your bed, to sink in to your cool, grey sheets. The music surrounds me, brings me up. 95 more words

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Cosmos, a variation: part i

maybe it was just one last story,

the greatest:



nobody knows

evidence was destroyed —

no fear,

no shame.

volcanic vents

and unbroken thread… 53 more words

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fixed points in the universe: the homestead

There are few places where the past seems alive and well, where I am confronted with the characteristics of age, items attesting to the inevitability of decay everywhere I turn. 165 more words

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Sipping and Drawing...

….at Jules Coffee House. Still sipping, chatting and drawing.

Sip And Draw

Braxton and Lucy

Spent the afternoon sipping and drawing and painting and laughing with my friend JRay on the Roof top of the Charmant. We had some great human specimens to draw those 6 hours. 11 more words

Sip And Draw