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Gluten Free Matzah Ball Soup 🍲

To make these delicious and fluffy Matza Balls, I used Streit’s Gluten Free Matzo Ball mix.
I had to tweak the recipe quite a bit. After about three attempts I realized that the box contained two Matza Ball mixes (the instructions claimed one of the packets was a soup both which it wasn’t!) . 185 more words

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Gluten Free Pesto Pasta

This is the easiest most delicious recipe you will ever make:

  • 1 package of Le Grand Classic style pesto (click here for Le Grand Pesto review)
  • 157 more words
Gluten Free

Baked cod on a braise of potatoes, garlic and tomatoes

This is a lovely supper dish that is very easy to make and bursting with flavour. The potato part of the dish easily feeds four people, just add enough pieces of cod (or haddock or hake) for however many people you are feeding. 272 more words


Swiss Chard and Chilli Parsley Patties

These little mouthfuls of gorgeousness have come into my life, and personally I do not foresee them leaving my life anytime soon. I know that they do not look too appealing to the eye, but trust me…they are delicious!  393 more words

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Herbed Buckwheat with Crunchy Sugar Snap Peas and Crispy Roasted Lentils

Holy Cow, I have just made the most amazing, refreshing salad from buckwheat !  Who loves buckwheat ? I am not going to lie, but buckwheat and me have a little thing going.  437 more words

Vegetable Sides/Vegetarian/Vegan

I promised you an overdose of North Sea shrimps

We are still in Brussels. Our dog Pillo is back from hospital in our temporary home after a delicate surgery and he is doing great! What a relief. 124 more words


Our Belgian visit gives us the opportunity to eat an overdose of North Sea shrimps ;-)

One of the best recipes with those cute pink-grey delicacies ever is shrimp croquettes, but that is not really a recipe which I will prepare in our temporary kitchen. 141 more words