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Pressure Of The Fade

Freshly faded

skin fades

Zero fade please sir!…

In todays age of barbering being the new black, skin fades are the style of the minute and the tools we barbers and hairdressers have to use are at the peak of being perfect! 333 more words


Kids Got Me Kickin & Screamin

Okay! Okay! Okay!
School holidays are kicking in hard! Me personally I love them.
School haircuts are out and holiday haircuts are in!

People ask me all the time if I hate cutting kids hair? 382 more words


AU: Breakthrough technology stops browning of avocadoes

Foodmagazine: Naruto All Natural Technologies says it has developed a natural processing technology which stops browning of freshly cut avocado and prolongs shelf life. The Australian invention not only stops the browning of cut (or pulped) avocado fruit for a minimum of 10 days when refrigerated (even after packaging is opened), but does so using a natural process which preserves the nutritional properties and taste of the avocado without chemicals, additives, preservatives or processing aids. 40 more words