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Memorial Day USA

Remember those we loved
Who fought for us and died
And those we never knew
For whom others mourned and cried

J Fuchs


Moshe's at Mandwa

The other day my mother had gone out for a baking class with Moshe Shek, the founder of the famous Moshe’s around town. She came back raving about how much she loved it, so much so that she made sure I would join her in the next one. 365 more words

Photos From June

Friends will be Friends

Queen, It’s a kind of Magic ’86

Friends will be friends,
When you’re in need of love they give you care and attention
Friends will be friends… 24 more words


Wild Horses

Birdy, Beautiful Lies ’16

Our human hearts forget how strong they are
And they get lost along the way
It’s not giving up, it’s letting go… 6 more words


The Lion sleeps Tonight

Tight Fit, ’82

My little darling
Don’t fear, my little darling
The Lion sleeps tonight


Summer without Shakes is not happening!

With the temperature soaring high it’s important that you should keep yourself hydrated in every possible way. Thirst will be a continuous problem and while you quench your thirst with just water, think again you can do it in a more slurpy way. 618 more words



Pricks and pinches,
slices and sores.

I’m full of empty
unless you count pain.
I’ve enough of that
to spread around.

Holes and hideouts,
deserts and dungeons. 59 more words