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Happy Birthday 

Dear Johnny,

Today is your birthday, and, as always, I’m writing to you, one more of my many hopeless efforts to show you how much I care, but I suspect you already know this, already have deleted this the moment it entered your inbox, and forgotten my name the moment it left your eyes. 355 more words


Girls Gone Mild

Morning Lovelies! Happy Friday…

Remember back when the above was considered bad?

Oh, for those gentler days when you could take a silent drag alongside your repressed, simmering 1960s ice queen of a mother and… 374 more words


Your Ultimate Guide to Running

Running is one of the simplest exercises known to man. In comparison to non-runners, runners are more likely to extend their life expectancy. Whether you are a starter or a regular runner, you stand to reap from running benefits such as a healthier and longer life and clearing your mind. 274 more words


A Conversation With Actor Robert Blanche and Actress Bethany Jacobs Of The Film "Tomorrow, Maybe"

By Lori Hoffman

“Tomorrow, Maybe” by Director Jace Daniel is a tragedy showing how we often hurt those we love the most. Lloyd (Robert Blanche) who has recently been released from prison tries to reconcile his relationship with his daughter, Iris (Bethany Jacobs), but she is reluctant to let him back into her life since she feels that he has betrayed her due to his lack of involvement during most of her life while he has been in prison. 1,344 more words

Freshly Pressed

A Book Review of "Relationships In A Nutshell: A Book For Guys" by Maxine Albright

By: Lori Hoffman

Stepping into the adult world of sexual attraction can be difficult for both men and women, but with careful advice and guidance it can be navigated, leading to fulfilling romance and sex for those with the confidence to go out and meet people. 148 more words


"Food Evolution" A Film Which Has Something Important To Add To The Conversation

By: Lori Hoffman 

“Food Evolution” is a documentary From Academy Award®-nominated director Scott Hamilton Kennedy (THE GARDEN, FAME HIGH, OT: OUR TOWN) and narrated by Neil DeGrasse Tyson showing both sides of the GMO debate around the world. 360 more words


She just... kind of broke

“She just… kind of broke,” the little boy sounded surprised.

“Well what happened,” his grandfather asked him. “Did you wind her up too tight? Did you press her buttons too many times?” 110 more words