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Short pasta with asparagus, lemon, garlic and parsley

One of my  biggest culinary idols was and will be Nigella Lawson. This recipe has been adapted from her book Forever Summer. Most of the recipe is the same, the only difference is the use of lemon zest as well, but I don’t particularly like the taste. 91 more words



I know what you’re doing.
You’re making me
crave you,
need you
so I can be whole.
And it’s working.

I’m unsettled.
That’s how it feels. 67 more words


Thai Green Curry Risotto

This recipe is a nice asian twist on a traditional Italian recipe. People think risotto is really hard to make, especially after watching Masterchef. However I have found it quite easy to make. 151 more words


Spring vegetable tagliatelle with lemon and chive sauce

During the summer, I prefer light pasta dishes without a sauce, so the next couple of posts are pretty much that. The fact that there is no sauce also makes cooking much easier and it takes a lot less time. 108 more words



(Note:  Today’s post will be the last one of the 2015-16 school year.  God bless you teachers and have a wonderful summer break!) 552 more words
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I’m in training.
I can feel my will
bending in awkward directions,
my mind kneeling
in front of you.

You want me to crave you, 191 more words



I miss missing you.

I’m so wrapped up
in being his,
I can’t remember
how to be human,
how to be me.

I am three now, 137 more words