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How Are You Doing? Pt. 2 (Pray Teacher Pray!)

True or False:  How we are doing is directly dependent upon how much we are praying. 746 more words
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The Friday Clash

Pakistan Pakistan! They chant on my Indian Soil

Throwing stones at us, making our blood boil
Why wouldn’t we when all they did was support and care… 145 more words

Hope And Faith

I can see it

I shiver chafing my hands together on the bus. Even sitting uncomfortably close to a stranger my fingers and toes ache with cold. Standing on curbs waiting for late public transportation has that effect on even the most weather worn new englanders I imagine. 116 more words

Short Stories

Him and I

He stumbled straight into

the deep end, and a warm

embrace is what I found.

Sorry, meant He 

found a warm embrace.

He found love in the depths… 55 more words

Skeleton Gingerbread Cookies

Halloween isn’t something that is celebrated in India, but its a holiday I still love and try to integrate into the month of October.

These gingerbread cookies are really easy to make based on how complicated you want the design to be. 516 more words

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The Power Of i (Poem) - What is I.


Here’s something to think about:  how have we gotten to this point? This point in human existence where our technology and information is moving so fast, and in so many directions, that the average person can’t keep up with its progress or development? 2,562 more words

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