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Your Word

You told me once
how your regrets
climbed your shoulders,
trapped your feet
in hardening cement.

You spun apologies into lace,
promised to never forget… 136 more words


Who are you without self sacrifice?

Self Sacrifice…

Hello, I know its been a while since you heard from me, but I am here, waiting, watching and listening. I see the fight going on in you, not sure why the choices you make continue to keep going in circles. 723 more words

Twin Flames

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You are..... I am....

Conscious Unbuttoning: My On-Off Relationship With Leotards

Between the ages of 16-18, I loved a good leotard. In fact, my go-to look of a night was a Topshop lace leotard (with a camisole underneath because I wasn’t so bold then) teamed with high-waisted patterned shorts, usually also from Topshop, and some form of impossibly high block heel that I really couldn’t walk in, and that were  566 more words


Have You?

Can you taste your longing,
that bitterness
on the back of your tongue,
the shiny sadness
making your skin slick
and your heart jump?

Can you feel it like I feel it, 111 more words


We broke up.

Guess you just have to take things at face value.
The black and white,
the 2-D image,
the lines, edges, corners.
The nitty-gritty details and slam in your face truth. 37 more words

Titik At Letra

All Along

I think of how
you miss her,
this girl who haunts
your waking,
lies near you
in sleeping,
this girl who only
the clouds recognize. … 90 more words


Anniek Verholt: Who's Wings Of Creativity Inspire Society To look At The world Through The Eyes Of The Heart

Anniek Verholt is a Dutch artist based in London. After years of painting and drawing and having trained and worked as an Art Therapist; she was awarded a scholarship for a MA in Fine Arts in the UK in 2003. 405 more words