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Creme Caramel

An all time favorite and super easy to make. And I’m not talking about the box version you get in the market that comes ready with the caramel and all you have to do is add milk. 179 more words


On the Battlefield of Life and Death

Silence, gripping her throat, as her eyes gasp
For air in the fatal heel clicks of his scythe,
Appearing from out the unknown reaches
Of abandoned lives, comes the cold shadow… 198 more words



Ah. The elusive one. The struggle it puts us through, the burden with which it pins us to the ground. I have looked far and wide for love; each time I thought of having finally found it, it left me bereft by its sudden departure. 780 more words

Freshly Pressed

Yes! Yes You Will 😉

Let’s not tap dance around it.
🎵 I’ll be good to you , good to you, good to you
Yes! Yes you will 😉

Happy National Tap Dance Day… 28 more words

Freshly Pressed

The Kiss

She’s there and crying, her mascara staining her cheeks, and you think she’s never been more beautiful. Her sadness paints her face in sunset colors, her green eyes sparkling with pain. 245 more words


David and Game 7

Playing for the Moose Jaw Hockey Bags was the best thing that had ever happened to David Brown. Here he was, on the ice for the final game of the season, whispering to his buddies on the team. 2,887 more words