Tags » Freshly Pressed

Graceful: #Inktober Day 17

Leaves do not ask permission

for a ride on the wind

So why wait for a green light

to let your heart chase it’s joy… 11 more words


Fat: #Inktober Day 16

Labels brew with

the sweat on your brow

Wipe them off

before they slide into

your eyes.


Mysterious: #Inktober Day 15

The sun rises

to shed light on

the secret we made

under the cover of night.

And the sun sets

to mask us

in the cover of dark… 13 more words


Fierce: #Inktober Day 14

Spirits crack,

blades of grass

against the breeze

bending to survive

never breaking.


Teeming: #Inktober Day 13

All of the spirits

that yearn to burst

from this parade of words
I hope you find

the bread crumbs I left you

in the pockets of loose metaphors… 33 more words


Other Than I

Time, within the possession of me reaching the far edge

Of the train, has vanished from existence,

As well as the recollection, of this blood stain… 438 more words


Shattered: #Inktober Day 12

Broken branches

split the beaten path

into unequal halves

each drifting away from the centre,

carving new paths

for these thoughts of despair

to depart. 20 more words