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Jorge Luis Sanfiel Cardenas: An Autodidact Artist Of Life

Artist Jorge Luis Sanfiel Cardenas was born in1963, in Santa Clara City, Cuba. He trained in the Soviet Union as an engineer and cartographer, on his return to Cuba Sanfiel dedicated his life to painting. 215 more words


Ian Conner: The creator Of Beauty Through The Molding Of Glass

Beauty is my goal, it is uncomplicated, makes no political statements, no obtuse references and does not require the viewer to assign meaning only enjoy what their sight provides them.  

474 more words

Before I Go

Carry me to the edge, high above
The deep, unsteady grave,
As I peer down into my own Stretch
To find my everlasting, my mark, 77 more words


Treading Sand

We walked together,
my hand cupped by yours,
my heart tangled with yours,

and hot breath
on cold windows,
cold mornings
where saying goodbye
bore no resemblance… 103 more words


Between the Eaves

I am smeared
with memories of you,
covered over with promises
we meant to keep,
stories we meant to tell,
and I find myself
folded up… 130 more words