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An Intensely Belated Thank You!

I was packing for my trip to Ecuador when I got Freshly Pressed. I have been overwhelmed and overjoyed at all the lovely comments I got while I was out of the country! 91 more words

Freshly Pressed

No One Knows

I tell no one about you.
Your name only
crosses my lips in solitude.
No one knows
how you overfill my thoughts
and plunge me… 129 more words


Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Doing Right

This morning, I woke up at about 9 and headed down to the shed. I got a painter’s bucket, a bait bucket, and a casting net. 697 more words


She was the most beautiful person he had ever seen.

Her shoulder length hair laid beautifully around her lovely face.

Her eyes glittered like diamonds reflecting the rays of the sun. 57 more words

My Brewing Heart.

He goes

He goes on, moves on, steps up to the World. He goes, fare thee well to him. Now, who is he?

My brother.
Fair thee well brother, from the bottom of my heart. 184 more words


Fragmenting Resistance

Lightning speed doesn’t
aptly describe the paths
taken by thoughts
grooming me for a better future,
for a time when apathy
is a slave to my happiness, 105 more words


Safe Harbor

I had a very particular dream last night, but only one part of it truly had meaning to me. I was in a rowboat with my cousin and uncle, and I wanted to go for a swim. 468 more words