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Ever Left

I’ve always been lonely, alone in a maze of my own thoughts, trapped in a cell of others’ making. I’ve always been alone. I remember the first times I felt it–taking care of my little sister, wondering if I was doing it right, having no one to ask. 204 more words


Cart and Rope

I always put the cart before the horse, as they say, or perhaps take a leap and realize I never hung the rope. It’s in my blood–irrationality, chaos, running. 161 more words


Honeyinagoldpot Tag - Random Sights About Me

Hey everyone!

So i got nominated by G from saturday on wednesday to do this tag. I never do tags like this, but i think this is a good opportunity to join in and gives you all a better sights about me. 639 more words

Beauty Blogger

Thin Air

The air gets thinner
every time I’m alone,

like my lungs
won’t breathe in
because the weight
of you
sits on my chest,

so the air sticks… 21 more words


The End Of The Affair

In the immortal words of S Club:

“Sometimes goodbye, though it hurts in your heart, it’s the only way for destiny…”

I love leopard. I also, a year and a half ago, loved pelmet skirts. 359 more words

Freshly Pressed


I’m not sure who I am
but I know I love you.

I’m not sure of
my movements,
my thoughts,
my choices,
but I’m sure I love you. 55 more words