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You are this microcosm,
this universe unto itself.
Your gravity pulls,
yanks bodies
into its system,
into its depths,
and they can never escape
your attraction. 133 more words


Bitter Chocolate Ice Cream

In keeping with showing you a couple of classics before going to the fancy stuff, I thought I’d show you guys a simple bitter chocolate ice cream. 188 more words


The Earthquake in Nepal. Looking back

It is April 26th. As I watched the evening news last night, it hit me: It’s been a year since the great catastrophe that devastated parts of Nepal, the small country clinging precariously to the foothills of the Himalayas. 3,379 more words

Freshly Pressed


Why can’t you be ready?

Why did I have to rush?

Why are we locked
in these separate prisons,
scratching at open wounds,
cement floors? … 92 more words


Vanilla Ice Cream

To start off the week of the icies, I thought I’d do a simple vanilla ice cream. Its summer and the perfect thing to cool you down in the heat. 242 more words


The Sargasso Sea

My body no longer feels like mine,
but more so
my mind is adrift in this dark ocean,
this underwater trench
where light vanishes among the pitch. 160 more words


Short pasta with asparagus, lemon, garlic and parsley

One of my  biggest culinary idols was and will be Nigella Lawson. This recipe has been adapted from her book Forever Summer. Most of the recipe is the same, the only difference is the use of lemon zest as well, but I don’t particularly like the taste. 91 more words