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That Moment When

That moment when
you call out my name,
when you read an old letter,
when you listen to a song
that transports you back to me. 77 more words


He Wants You

Have you ever asked yourself the question why me? How did I get picked to go through such devastation. The truth is, tribulation comes to us all but God delivers us from them all. 1,012 more words

A Bit Of Criticism

I realized yesterday that I criticize people and places much more than I should. I spent the day with my friend and we went to a lot of places, the last of which was the gym. 446 more words

Why do they always leave?

She first saw him at a nearby bar on a Sunday evening..He was drinking Vodka with a group of friends. He was short, toned, dark and masculine..He wore glasses and was smoking a cigar..He was in a fitting designer suit and his expensive cologne made it worse. 377 more words