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The Path of Totality

Hello Lovelies,

How the hell are you? Are you wearing your glasses? It’s been a tough mental health week here and everywhere… Imagine if Angela Merkel were online today bemoaning the removal of Hitler busts, she’d be dragged from her house and offed more quickly than Ned Stark during an HBO hack-a-thon.  235 more words



My normal has disappeared.
My brain has betrayed me.

I wonder if this is how
my dad felt,
if this is how it started
for him. 145 more words


The people along the way 

Thank you universal energy that picks and pulls people from all over. The folks who drop me kind words and intelligence.

I’m amazed by the quick exchanges that are continuously filling my soul with the food of knowledge. 109 more words


Dear George

Dear George

I am happy I spoke to you about your Instagram account. I am not completely comfortable with you following these accounts like they were porn. 754 more words

Freshly Pressed


An empty throne, at the back of a deeply dim room
Simply occupies the splintered faith, tainted by doubters,
They chase out belief, within themselves, holding torches… 172 more words



Jewel, Lullaby ’09

If you see me speak without words
Know that I am speaking of the wind
And if you see my words like wind… 37 more words


Rescue Me

Madonna, Immaculate Collection ’90

Love is understanding
It’s hard to believe
Life can be so demanding
I’m sending out an S.O.S.
Stop me from drowning