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Gut Cupcakes

Continuing the spirit of Halloween, here is a slightly complicated recipe for red velvet gut cupcakes. Yes, I know, complicated takes up a lot of time, but tbh its soo worth it in the end. 458 more words

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The Magical Vagina

My best friend texted me other day. She said “I’d like to see just where in the Mommy/Wife handbook having a vagina makes you automatically responsible for every meal every person in this house ever eats?!” 660 more words


Ask for all your dreams fulfilled and I will show you..Hands..That will shape..The world to your every wish..Ask..For all the stars..Shining ever bright and I will simply ask..That you look in my eyes..See the reflection..Of the only radiance I have ever seen..Now resting within my arms..


How Are You Doing? Pt. 2 (Pray Teacher Pray!)

True or False:  How we are doing is directly dependent upon how much we are praying. 746 more words
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The Friday Clash

Pakistan Pakistan! They chant on my Indian Soil

Throwing stones at us, making our blood boil
Why wouldn’t we when all they did was support and care… 145 more words

Hope And Faith