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Sophisticated Slavery

Stephan Pisko,

The human mind is a ‘chronic constant’ within everything we are affected by near (or) far I mean you can go into the highest levels of economic business and find that within corporations’ and governments alike the degree of ‘sophisticated slavery is unparalleled and this is all a direct result of the ‘techie age’ we currently reside within and through. 700 more words


Each and every people have their own choices of food they want to have after a tiring day of work. But for some there can be no better option rather …

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New Delta Review is a literary and arts journal produced by MFA students at Louisiana State University. Find original fiction, poetry, creative …

New Delta Review…

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Banksy Bastardization Generic Grafitti

By Stephan Pisko

“Banksy” is a scavenger surrealist that is extremely damaging to authentically genuine struggling artists’ this innate individual is a “monetary maniac” forcing the public with the distinct impression of a “humanitarian caring heart” but this is furthest from the treacherous truth this person is taking advantage of this virus “human health turmoil” using it for selfish savage notoriety gain initializing mass market recognition for this mind’s “public graffiti defacing”. 149 more words


This post begins in the dorm room and goes out onto the streets of New York City. Hair Okay! Using the same hair that I used in my previous beauty …

The “Rontie” Bob


During the school year, more than often this college student’s money will run extremely low. So low that even when I am asked to go into a potential …

Dress 4 Success