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15. Gap Year

I have been out of school for eight months(plus five if you count April 2014 to August 2014).

I’ve known about ‘taking a gap year’ for as long as I can remember. 862 more words


College: What to bring to your new home?

Move-In day is just 16 days away for myself and hundreds of thousands of other anxiously excited college freshmen. There are so many questions: How do I decorate my dorm? 286 more words


Designated Driver

Hello Peaches! It has been a couple of days since I have last talked to y’all and I am so sorry! Today I thought I would share with you what it was like being one of the few people who didn’t drink her freshman year in college and a couple of tips/things you should know if you are like me. 490 more words

High School Can Be a Great Experience but Here are 5 Things You Need to Know

1. The friends you choose to hang out with, are a reflection of  you to other people.

Students might say “Oh they hang out with so and so, so they must be cool.”  That’s because your choice of friends affect how people view you. 385 more words

The College Freshman Survival Guide

Exciting. Terrifying. Liberating. Challenging. As a soon-to-be college freshman, any and all of these adjectives may describe what you expect the next four (or more!) years to be like–and your expectations may vary by the minute. 2,270 more words


Tip #1 for College Freshmen

Hey freshies,

(feels so good to say that even though I still consider myself a “freshy” as a sophomore)

I’m going to get straight to the post with this tip. 381 more words


Open Letter to WashU Class of 2019!

As summer of 2015 flies by and freshman year of college looms closer, I can feel my anticipation/stress/nervousness levels rising, but I also feel a closer bond with my future peers at WashU. 333 more words