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Possible friends? Pre-orientation.

I think I’ll find it interesting in a month or two, or in a year or two, to look back and see what I thought about certain people. 299 more words

The Freshman College Snapbacks Game Day Cap Systems

For a relatively good time, snapback caps have been away from fashion, but lately they have hit fashion again and so are now back because strong as ever before. 361 more words

College: Pre-Orientation and On Making Friends

So I’ve been at college for a few days.

It’s…not as ideal as I thought.

Admittedly, I had really high expectation. Way too high expectations. I expected this community of scholars who loved learning, who grasped at every opportunity to learn and who were truly caring and wonderful people. 251 more words

Yes, the bar can be raised higher

Everyone gets stressed at some point or another, and apparently for me, my ‘some point or another’ is a little under two weeks into school. I tend to get stressed relatively easily, but I do my best to work through it and not let it outwardly affect me. 642 more words


The Incomprehensive List of Freshman Taboos: A List of Don'ts

This is the second half of my list. These are recommendations to remind you of all the opportunities available in your first year of college. Of course, these are all merely suggestions. 595 more words


Letting Go or Holding On

I walked into my house, the cold air from the AC hitting my face was a nice welcome. It had been a hot and humid September day, the kind that has you counting down to the first day of Fall. 559 more words


A Look Back at My Freshman Year

My first year of college was filled with excitement, fear, and everything in between. I’m from Long Island, New York and have lived here practically my whole life so going away for college in Boston, Massachusetts was quite a change. 633 more words