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Day 39: College drop-off tomorrow

The end of my season of re-lent has come. Tomorrow we drop Ben off at school. I started this blog to work out some of my panic and to avoid leaking it out on Ben. 408 more words



This is a long ramble about the same thing: Vivian Qiu, a (hopefully) less savage Peter Pan, a girl who very much understands the emotions of both Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez a la HSM3, and just someone who really really doesn’t like growing up. 822 more words


On Junior college and feeling left behind

My whole life, I was told I was a smart girl. Despite the fact I started school late, (I did not enter kindergarten until I was six) I always had good grades and with the exception of my math courses, pulled all A’s. 701 more words


An Open Letter To College Freshman

Dear incoming college freshman,

Hello and welcome to the next chapter of your life. I was in your shoes just about a year ago and I know the stress that comes with this new adventure. 1,719 more words

Freshman Year~2015

August was the start of something new. A breath of fresh air that I thought I needed

September was slowly transitioning me into a different person, although I couldn’t see it… 355 more words


Freshman Mentality

“Ahh, high school”, or maybe “Ugh, high school”- I daresay there are mixed feelings when people reminisce about their teen years. Some of us were big fish in little ponds. 946 more words


What I learned in college is...

Seven years deep and I still get intimated at the start of the semester. I look at the long checklist of assignments compared to the weeks until finals and I wonder: “Can I  532 more words