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The Perfectly Imperfect Roommate

Like most freshman entering college, you anticipate a certain “college life-style” that you expect to pursue. ¬†You are told it will be the best four years of your life and your college roommate will become your best friend. 387 more words

I had a lot of fun today in jiujitsu, I was rolling (really just fucking around) with Jakob and he ended up grabbing my gi pants (“in competition you can!”) and completely lifting me off the ground, parallel to him but with my head an inch off the ground. 302 more words

I rolled with Jakob, the president of the BJJ club, for the first time yesterday and I did decent, but he was SO SWEATY and he knew it so he gave me an mischievous look then rubbed himself all over me and purposely took mount to continue his reign of torment.

Someone from the softball team texted Dimitri about their team hanging out and getting drunk at the jiujitsu house on Thursday, so the boys are really excited to try and get laid. 77 more words

So on Saturday the boy from philosophy asked me to hang out with him and his friends, he actually walked over to my dorm to come get me at 8, which was really nice. 165 more words

Yesterday I went to the bookstore with Hot Roommate to look for sweatshirts for him. On the way back there were kids filming themselves doing skate tricks and he was snapchatting it’s then started videoing me. 19 more words

Kristen Cockblocks Herself with Hot Roommate Part 3/?

I was throwing away my popcorn bag just now at 11:30pm and Hot Roommate came out and was like “sup Kristen what are you doing up so late” and like started walking towards me to chat and I DONT KNOW WHY THE FUCK I BACKED AWAY BUT LIKE HE SCARED ME BECAUSE HE WAS WALKING CLOSER and I was like “oh just reading and stuff” and he was like “cool. 128 more words