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The First Week

As my first week of the college experience nears to an end, I am finally finding time to relax. I can happily say that, unlike a lot of the people I have talked to, I am not going out partying tonight. 280 more words


To the Shiny Freshmen Before they Become Jaded by College

Well, the two other ladies who run this blog with me both moved this summer. One came down to NoVA and the other moved to a new house in the same neighborhood of NoVA. 1,952 more words

"I'm just here to get an education."

Coming from a very guarded background, I’ve always told myself “I’m only going down there to get education.” No partying, drinking, or even of the crazy stuff my brother has told me about.” Well let me tell y’all something, this has been the two most BORING weeks of my life. 99 more words


Advice to Freshmen

As an eighth grader, I remember how much everyone looked down upon the sixth graders. As a high school senior, I remember how my classmates were annoyed by the freshmen. 565 more words


Dear Incoming Highschool Freshman,

Dear Incoming High School Freshman,

Hello Freshman! I don’t know you, but I understand you. I really do. We’ve all been there, in new shoes, holding onto backpacks that already feel too big for our shoulders. 407 more words



I got everything I wanted to get done today. Everything but packing up my car, but that is pretty doable because I have some experience from driving from TX to PA. 107 more words

Moving In

Advice to New High-Schoolers


Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve thought a lot about this topic. When I started high school, I didn’t know what to expect and when the first few classes came, I felt really weird. 640 more words

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