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Sigmund Freud Museum Visit

As research for the Curatorial project, I visited the Freud Museum. I was interested in Freud’s psychoanalysis and his interpretation of dreams in relation to the concept of my work, … 44 more words


Living the good life in the ashes of Empire - Vienna, Austria

Property 1033 – Historic centre of Vienna

There are periods of history when huge advances have been made in science, politics, the arts and general human flourishing. 932 more words

World Heritage

Theory of Psychology and Psychosocial Development

Every human growth and development comes with an individual’s psychological and psychosocial development. Psychology of a character is a basis for any kind of development. And it is psychology through which we understand a person’s growth and development. 990 more words

Repeating the Beatings: Trauma and Alternate Temporalities in Los Olvidados

Unlike some of Luis Buñuel’s surrealist films, Los Olvidados contains a clear, seemingly linear plot. Though on the surface it may appear to move forward in time, Buñuel follows in the modernist tradition of complicating the film’s temporality through a repetitive narrative structuring of beating scenes. 2,880 more words


Dream Story

Arthur Schnitzler, Dream Story (1926), trans. J. M. Q. Davies

What it’s about: Vienna, the 1920s. Fridolin is a doctor living a comfortable middle-class life with his wife Albertine and their young daughter. 2,030 more words

Dead White Males

The Individual

The Individual

– one view – The Renaissance gave birth to the individual (& different awareness of self)
– Shakespeare is quoted – Hamlet – “to thine self be true” – paean to humanism… 378 more words

Canberra Psychologist

Critical Thinking and Sexual Decisions

Answer the following: How do you use the principles of critical thinking in making sexual decisions?

I can remember from past classes that evidence of correlation does not necessarily mandate a direct connection. 354 more words