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Is this the right way?

Late one August evening in a small provincial town, a woman steps out her front door. In her hand, she holds a slim leather briefcase, probably containing a laptop. 148 more words


“A mente é um resultado mais que natural da evolução, é amplamente não consciente, interna e não revelada. Vem a ser conhecida graças a estreita janela da consciência.”

– Sigmund Freud

Freud called love an ‘overestimation of the object’— a moment in time when that person seems so central to your world, as though they’d disappear if you looked elsewhere. 187 more words


The Paradox in Luce Irigaray's - "When the Goods Get Together"

In the post #MeToo era, we seem to have become overly
sensitive about terminologies used for addressing – she, he, female, male,
she-male, gay, bisexual, and what not. 1,227 more words


Freud, Jung, Symbolism and Fellini

I read some Freud and Jung a lonnng time ago, and I kept ideas from both brains, how sex energy climbs into action, politics, arts – or whatever – from one, and synchronicity from the other, for example… 159 more words

Dreams and Confessions

I woke early this morning. You can probably tell that from the fact I was able to post before going to work. I woke around 4.30 after having a bad dream. 587 more words

Friday October 4, 2019

What would a revolution on the scale of the Copernican look like today? Sigmund Freud, whose works students and I discussed today in class, liked to pat himself on the back for his accomplishments, comparing himself to fellow paradigm-shifters Copernicus and Darwin. 107 more words