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26. the Wanderer

When I got home, it was so late at night. My muscles ached. Never have I done something like that; even Karinda trudged on heavy hooves. 1,035 more words


Freya Sweater Dress on Minerva

This wonderful french terry Freya Dress is up on the Minerva Crafts blog here

Heart of Thorns and Legends

One of the Most Powerful Love Story Ever Heard – What does it really mean to work for your relationship

Did you ever find yourself loose everything to understand what you truly had? 881 more words

25. Forgotten City Part 9: City of Fireflies

The shock that I felt when I found myself in the city again was like when I realized that I’d crossed the border into Skyrim and was arrested. 945 more words


24. Forgotten City Part 8: The Puppeteer

When I stepped back through the door, I paused to wash my armor in the lake beside me. Gulvar watched me intently as I did so. 1,274 more words


I Got A Lot For You

Hey everyone,

So, I forgot to post last week. Sorry to leave you in suspense for so long. this week I will go ahead and post the last two Forgotten City posts for you. 154 more words