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Pond Dwellers (Friday Five)

I’ve been spending a lot of time photographing aquatic insects recently. I’ve been very busy at work, so I find it relaxing to sit and watch my little tank full of insects in the evenings, observing their behaviors and photographing them. 667 more words

Friday 5

Friday Five: Strong Women

Hey readers!

So before I get into today’s entry, just a mini update. Still getting through Outlander. It’s so good. I only wish work weren’t constantly getting in the way. 1,001 more words

5 Ways to Create an Inspired Spring - Friday 5

5 ways to create an Inspired Spring (or any season)

  1.  Create a vision list and or pages.  What words, images desires come up around this season?
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Birth of a Snail (Friday 5)

On March 4th, I was in the midst of an all out race to prep curriculum for an insect-themed afterschool citizen science program I’m developing.  One of the things we wanted to provide to the state park rangers who will be implementing the bulk of the program was a couple of vials containing examples of… 767 more words

Friday 5

Bits of Joy- Friday 5

5 Ways to bring a bit more  joy into your day:

  1.  Get or pick fresh flowers, choose a type or color that makes your eyes happy!
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Friday 5

5 Things I Have to Do Every Day

This Friday could not have come early enough. Daylight Savings has been killing me this week; I’m tired and cranky and am so happy this week has come to an end. 546 more words