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Friday Files: Acts 10:25-26

Cornelius was a Roman Centurion he command a legion of soldiers where he was stationed and had never met Peter. The Holy Spirit had told him to invite Peter to his house and Cornelius did what seemed normal with what seemed like a Holy man. 267 more words

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Friday Files: James 1:19

This verse is a classic for me because my parents recited it as a way to try and make me shut up as a kid (it didn’t work). 215 more words

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Friday Files: Hebrews 6:1

If you walked into a church and asked people of they were a Christian, many would raise their hands. These people would tell you that they had made the choice to believe in Jesus and that they had said sorry for their sins. 275 more words

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Friday Files: Romans 1:10

Paul had never in his life been to Rome and as the letter shows doesn’t really know anyone from the church in Rome that had been planted. 205 more words

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Friday Files: 1 Peter 2:9

It’s one of the things that should always challenge us. That God loves us so much that he doesn’t expect us to be perfect to be responsible for his Kingdom. 79 more words

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