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  1. What forms of media consumption do you pay for? You know, I’m really only paying for internet. I also pay for almost all books I read–the ones I don’t are loaners–and DVDs of TV shows or movies I love enough to want to own.
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Friday Five: Things I did this summer

I’m linking up with Cynthia, Courtney and Mar for the Friday Five Link up!

Five Things I did this Summer

  1. We, as a family, survived our first year of homeschooling!
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In high school, I equated ‘perfume’ with body ‘mists’ that made me smell like a combination of a fruit basket, rainbow sprinkle cupcakes, tropical sunshine, and a touch of unicorn magic. 914 more words


Friday Five (Summer Favorites!)

I love and hate this post because yay it’s fun to recap our favorite parts of summer, but boo because a recap usually means summer is ending. 585 more words


The Friday Five—28.August.2015

I highly recommend taking a Thursday off some time. That three-day week leading into a day off? Somehow I get more done like that. Then I just have to come back for a Friday, and that’s no big deal. 531 more words


The Friday Five: Summer Should Get a Speeding Ticket.

What the hell was that? Summer just blew a red light, cut me off and banged a hard left to Toodle-ooville. Boy was that quick. Gotta hate those drive-by summers. 808 more words