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Friday Fives #1: Five Songs I've Had on Repeat Lately

I just wanted to start off by saying that SUMMER ’17 IS HERE, FAM. While most people have been traveling or going on adventures, I’ve spent the last few weeks binge watching T.V. 1,184 more words

Greg Allen

Friday Fives: Motivational Videos

Back when I was training for my first half marathon I struggled quite a bit to find the motivation to do my long runs and harder workouts. 309 more words

Runner Girl

Friday Fives: Favorite Fitness YouTube Channels

I don’t have a gym membership so when I first started getting into fitness and losing weight back in 2012, I did a lot of Jillian Michaels’ DVDs. 950 more words


Friday Fives: Podcasting

Some are old,
Some are new,
Some are fiction,
Some are true.

I used to listen almost exclusively to audio books while commuting — post the start of motherhood I’ve found that I don’t have the listening stamina for staying awake to listen to a book — I needed SOMETHING else, so I turned to the world of podcasts.

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Friday Fives

Friday Fives: 5 Questions Heading into Game 2

I think we can say we are officially back. For now.  Time for one of our favorite past-times: Friday Fives.  Here’s how this worked. I, Maneikis, posed 5 questions to our panel (Me, Will Weir aka “The Fedora’d One” and Taylor “I now prefer TJ” Simpson), and what you will read is our email exchange regarding each of these key questions heading into the critical Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals. 2,252 more words

Friday Fives: Running Gear Wishlist

Ah running gear. It’s one of my all time favorite things. From technical materials, GPS watches that can calculate your VO2 max, feather-light shoes, headphones that are absolutely guaranteed not to fall out of your ears, compression garments, and t-shirts with sarcastic sayings; I love it all! 531 more words

Runner Girl

Friday Fives: Daydreaming about Space

Aside from the occupant of Le Bump making his or her appearance around Labor Day, we have another exciting event happening in August (if you’re a long-time reader have you noticed how August is never quiet for us?) – and no I’m not talking about attending GenCon 50 (though we’re looking forward to that too).   1,127 more words

Friday Fives