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Friday Fives: Things I Hate

I guess maybe “hate” isn’t exactly the right word. These are really more pet peeves and things I just don’t really like or understand, but that’s just not an exciting title. 721 more words


Friday Fives: A Motherhood of Saints

Becoming a mother is probably one of the hardest things I’ve done in my life so far — and I don’t mean the birth part.  By comparison, even with a scary emergency c-section, that has been the easiest part of this whole thing.   927 more words

Friday Fives

Friday Fives: Even More Running Memes

It’s been a pretty long time since I’ve done a “Friday Fives” post, but yesterday I went looking back at a few of them. Specifically the running memes posts (you can find those… 176 more words

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Friday Fives: A Little Gaga

So I totally had something else in mind for today, but for SOME reason I’ve had The Edge of Glory stuck in my head this morning.   110 more words

Friday Fives

Friday Fives

Im Moment blogge ich nicht nur wenig, ich lese auch kaum noch Blogs. Meistens turne ich bei den Kurznachrichtendiensten oder Instagram rum. Da stoße ich gerade wieder auf die… 245 more words


Friday Fives: Fun Things About Fall

Fall is finally here!! Now if only the heat would get the memo and go away. That would be awesome…

Anyway, October-January is basically the best part of the year in my opinion, so I’m super stoked that it’s the end of September and fall is finally upon us! 236 more words

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Friday Fives: Fitness/Health Apps

I probably rely a little too heavily on my apps to keep track of things, but they are just so darn convenient and fun! Nowadays there is literally an app for everything and if they help you reach your goals, make your life a little easier, or are just amusing, I say go for! 789 more words

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