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Friday Fives: Top 5 Music Albums To Run To 

Are you the type of person who would make your own playlist or just listen to a whole album? I used to prefer making my own  playlists, especially really long ones that I could shuffle. 548 more words


Friday Fives: 5 Things I'm Currently Super Into

1. Pokemon Go

I’m super obsessed with this app. I mean, it’s basically made all of my childhood dreams come true. I get to venture out into the world on my very own Pokemon adventure. 183 more words


Friday Fives: Current Favorite Running Songs

Yay! Two things I love to talk about; music and running! My favorite songs to run to are constantly changing, as I get really bored if I listen to the same things over and over again. 358 more words

Runner Girl

Friday Fives: Things I Actually Sorta Enjoy About Summer

That’s right, I’m jumping on the Friday Fives bandwagon. No shame here! 😉

Anyway, I know I bitch and complain a lot about how much I hate the summer, and I’m sure that gets really annoying really fast. 344 more words


Friday Fives

1. House of Cards is one of my favorite thing to do to unwind. I’m completely addicted.

2. Although I have a ways to go, … 301 more words

Friday Fives

Friday Fives

Freitag der 13. – Mal schauen, was Tag so bringt, aber hier kommt erst Mal der Rückblick auf die letzte Woche. Das war eine schöne Woche, auch wenn es ein paar Eskalationen mit der Großen gab, die ich bedaure, und dann noch einen blöden Stilldemenzvorfall, der überflüssig war. 228 more words


Friday Fives

1. I am in love with my new cookbook called The Oh She Glows Cookbook. It is full of tons of plant-based recipes that are full of flavor. 422 more words

Friday Fives