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Friday Food: Carrot and coconut cake pops

Carrot and Coconut Cake Pops

Sunflower LOVES baking cake pops, however the traditional cake mixture we often use is not particularly healthy, particularly by the time they are smothered in chocolate and coated in pretty sprinkles! 227 more words


Friday Food: Healthy Lasagne

Healthy Lasagne

The other night one of Mr R’s friends was coming round for dinner. By dinner I mean food in front of the TV watching the football, rather than of the dinner party variety. 382 more words


Friday Food: Portable chocolate cakes!

The other day Sunflower and I had a fun morning creating some chaos and chocolate cake in the kitchen.

We were making little chocolate cakes inspired by an article in one of Mr R’s fitness magazines. 419 more words


10 Minute Meal

Quick and easy store cupboard meal

Most Mummies out there will probably relate to the feeling of impending dread at the chaos likely to ensue when entering the house sometime after 5 oclock with an whiney exhausted pre-schooler and a hungry, frustrated 8ish month old and no plan for dinner. 336 more words


The Febab

As promised as part of my Fakeaway Friday recipes here is the Lamb Doner Febab in all its glory…

You can make this as healthy as you want. 289 more words


Four Cheese Buffalo Chicken French Bread Pizzas

This is definitely one of the easiest pizza “recipes” ever and therefore is completely perfect for Friday nights.┬áIn my house, Fridays warrant special dinners. … 377 more words


Friday Food

It’s been a long time, long time…..(cue aaliyah anyone?) since I posted a recipe. The semester started. And it’s all been downhill from there. It’s not to say I haven’t been cooking, believe me, I like to eat enough to not miss too many dinner bells chiming near my brain, but I haven’t been making anything NEW and EXCITING in the foodie world. 394 more words

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