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Light and Dark

Friday Letter to my Kids – March 27, 2015 –


Dear J, J, L and L,

I wish I could dispense amazing tidbits of wisdom and peace in these letters to you. 280 more words

Friday Letters

Friday Letters 3.27.15

Dear Spring, I thought we were past this?  Freeze warning tonight? Seriously, get it together, wasn’t it 80 yesterday?

Dear AK, Thank you for being honest about being in trouble at school this week.   167 more words


Friday letters: the Easter cakes edition

Dear Mr Kipling,  I was very excited earlier this week to spot that you have produced some special Lemon Fancies to wish us all a Hoppy Easter (following on from the success of your orange Fiendish Fancies for Hallowe’en and your white Frosty Fancies for Christmas).  364 more words


Mugging It for the Camera

Friday Letter to my Kids – March 20, 2015 –

Dear J, J, L and L,

I went through a kitchen cupboard this week in my continuing efforts to downsize, declutter and dejunk. 581 more words


Friday Letters 3.20.15

Dear Friday, You couldn’t get here soon enough. This week has been crazy and I am not even sure what I did every day this week. 251 more words


Friday letters - the solar eclipse edition

Dear solar eclipse,  What a shame we had solid cloud cover this morning and not even the slightest suggestion of you was visible.  It did go quite gloomy at the time when it would have been the greatest coverage, and the birds went very quiet, but that was all.  128 more words


One of the Coolest Kids I've Ever Known

Friday Letters to My Kids – March 13, 2015 –

Dear J, J, L and L,

One of the coolest kids I’ve ever known showed up in my house the other day. 485 more words

Friday Letters