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Friday letters - the last August edition

Dear August,  We are nearly at the end already!  That’s hard to believe.

Dear birthday,  Surely it isn’t a whole year since I celebrated my last one?  157 more words


Friday letters - the second Olympics edition

Dear Olympics,  Once again, as happened four years ago, I have found myself watching far more sport in the space of a few days than in the previous four years put together!  225 more words


Friday letters - the Olympics edition

Dear August,  Already?  How did that happen?

Dear Olympics,  I can’t believe it is four years since you were here in London, and wherever we went we seemed to be enveloped in a fantastic carnival atmosphere.  142 more words


Friday letters - the camping edition

Dear weather,  Please be kind to us this weekend, so that our camping trip is not too damp.  It is looking a bit showery just now. 302 more words


Friday letters

Guuyysss… how on Earth is it Friday already?! This week has gone so fast! I was shocked when I realised it was Thursday yesterday and not Wednesday like I thought. 194 more words


Friday letters - the mid July edition

Dear Ireland,  You certainly know how to put on a fantastic wedding celebration.  That’s the first time I have been to a wedding that lasted for four days! 156 more words


Friday letters - the tennis edition

Dear last seven days,  I am sure you have flown by much faster than usual. 

Dear ants,  You are tricky little things, aren’t you?  Just when I thought I had dealt with those of you who appeared in my kitchen earlier in the week, another army turned up.  168 more words