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Are Your Edges Tucked in Neatly or Sprawling?

Friday Letter to my Kids – March 6, 2015 –

Dear J, J, L and L,

Last night your Dad told me I’m predictable. This floored me. 606 more words

Friday Letters

Friday letters - the daffodil edition

Dear first daffodil of Spring,  I’m really pleased to see you.

Dear crocuses,  I thought you were supposed to appear before daffodils?  Anyway, now that you are here it is very nice to see you too! 146 more words


What A Card!

Friday Letter to My Kids – February 27, 2015 –

Dear J, J, L and L,

So I’ve been slowly sorting through some of those boxes of papers I told you about. 551 more words


Friday letters: the end of February

February is over! Well, practically. There’s still tomorrow to get through. Then it will be March… the month that Jan was supposed to be moving. Actually, the month Jan has to move seeing as he starts his new job on the… 328 more words


Friday letters - the final February edition

Dear M74, M6 and M1 motorways,  Thank you for being trouble free on Wednesday and allowing me to have what was possibly my quickest journey home from Scotland.  182 more words


Friday letters - the latest edition

Dear Friday, Here you are once more – that was a quick week!

Dear Scotland,  It’s nice to be visiting again, enjoying your beautiful countryside.  107 more words


Curing my Paper Addiction

Friday Letter to my Kids ~ 2/13/15 ~

Dear J, J, L and L,

My favorite three-year old gifted me these origami cranes a while ago. 819 more words

Friday Letters