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Friday letters - the sun, sea and sand edition

Dear Californian blue skies and sunshine, You are a very welcome sight and I am enjoying basking in your warmth for a week or two.  158 more words

Friday Letters

Friday letters - the unicorn edition

Dear time,  I think I might have mentioned this before, but where do you go?  One minute I seem to have plenty of you and then the next moment there’s very little left.  270 more words

Friday Letters

Apples and Other Things

Monday Friday Letter to My Kids – September 25, 2017

Dear J, J, L and L,

I know, I know, it’s not Friday. And I haven’t written to you for ages. 625 more words


Friday letters

There’s nothing quite like the disappointment of feeling like it’s Friday only to remember that, actually, you still have another entire day to go before the weekend. 252 more words


Friday letters - the mid September edition

Dear garden birds,   Another letter to you – that’s three quite recently.  I just want to say that it’s nice to hear you singing again – it’s been very quiet of late.  187 more words

Friday Letters

Friday letters - the next edition

Dear garden birds,  After expressing concern last week at your absence, I was pleased to see one or two of you out and about.  I’m really sorry that I disturbed a small group of you when I went out into the garden yesterday.  345 more words

Friday Letters

Friday letters - the latest edition

Dear people in the south of England ,  I would like to apologise for the steady rain that we had in the first part of the week.  444 more words

Friday Letters