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Friday letters

I decided to finish work an hour early today, because I had an hour of overtime I could use and I’d run out of work to do. 219 more words


Friday letters

Dear rain soaked people of Britain, I would like to apologise for the heavy rain we had at the beginning of the week.  I had put some new plants in the garden at the weekend and hoped that a little rain would help to establish them.  225 more words


Friday letters - the mid-May edition

Dear Five Photos, Five Stories challenge,  You were fun, and I enjoyed trawling through my photo folders.

Dear Luton Airport Parking, I think £2.50 is a bit steep to park for 15 minutes in the Drop Off and Pick Up area.  218 more words


Not a Cookie Cutter Holiday

Friday Letter to My Kids ~ May 8, 2015 ~

Dear J, J, L and L,

You know how I was always such a grouch about mother’s day? 502 more words


Friday Letters 5.8.2015

Dear Friday, I thought you would never come.  You see, this is my last week working every day for the next 14 weeks!  Starting next week, it is Monday through Wednesday for me.   342 more words


Friday's Letters: Wanderer

Dear Crochet: Nice to meet you. Welcome to my list of hobbies that I start with the hope that I don’t fail and give up within a couple of months. 244 more words

Friday's Letters

Friday letters - the post election edition

Dear General Election,  Thank goodness you are over for another five years.  I was beginning to get snowed under by all the campaign leaflets/posters/begging letters that were coming through the door on a daily basis. 195 more words