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Friday letters - the latest edition

Dear people in the south of England ,  I would like to apologise for the steady rain that we had in the first part of the week.  444 more words

Friday Letters

Friday letters - the final July edition

Dear school summer holidays,  There may be many more children around because they are out of school now for six weeks, but the upside of that is that driving anywhere is so much quieter.  276 more words

Friday Letters

Friday letters - the school summer holidays edition

Dear time,  You clearly ignored my last letter to you as you are flying past very quickly as usual.  Please, pretty please, could we have a little bit of a slow down?  250 more words

Friday Letters

Friday letters

Hooray for Friday! I have been so, so tired all week so now I’m looking forward to just chilling for a while But first I have a whole day of work ahead of me. 225 more words


Friday letters - the slightly grumpy edition

Dear cinema goers,  Do some of you not eat for the whole day before going in to see a show?  Are you so ravenous that you have to eat so much? 465 more words

Friday Letters

Friday letters - the dreich weather edition

Dear weather gods,  What you are offering this week, compared to last week, is quite unimpressive for the end of June.  I would like to put in a request for some dry weather please while I am based here in Scotland, not just so that I can get on with outdoor tasks without getting soaked, but so that I can enjoy the scenery.  133 more words

Friday Letters

Friday letters - the summer solstice edition

Dear summer solstice,  You certainly made your presence felt with record temperatures.  In fact, Wednesday was the hottest June day since 1976. It’s hard to think that we are now on the downhill slope to winter. 259 more words

Friday Letters