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My first Friday Night Magic experience - review

My first FNM is in the bag and it was quite an experience!! I was nervous as hell going down there, and spent most of the day preparing and reading up on it. 335 more words

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Preparing for my first Friday Night Magic

I decided to make the link from digital to paper and do some socialising by playing Magic at a local game store. This idea has been floating around since Journey into Nyx was released, but every time a release has come up I have had to go away somewhere and missed it. 288 more words

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Win a BOX of Dragons of Tarkir March 24-28 2015

We are bringing BIG WEEK back with a vengeance this month!  We will be giving away a box of Dragons of Tarkir along with other prize support each night of our Magic the Gathering BIG events! 202 more words

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February 10th, 2015: A Week of Nonsense

Good morning friends,

My apologies for the lack of blog posts and streams over the past week. I’ve been dealing with some rough emotional stuff after last Monday’s post as well as some rather severe insomnia. 2,001 more words


Going Blue: Drafting Fate Reforged

It has only been my second draft in the Khan’s of Tarkhir draft, but I learned how valuable blue was since that time.  In this block, I have noticed a huge number of  blue bounce removal and was quick to keep an eye open for them should I decide to go into blue. 558 more words

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Drafting a New World

This will be a relatively personal blog, but don’t fret, I’ll get back to my normal limited experiences later.  If you’re here just for magic, just skip to the last paragraph. 598 more words

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MTG Weekly! "Deck Builder's Toolkit" (1/27/15)

Could a long time desktop gamer convert to table top? Today I’m starting a series where I, a mainly desktop/PC gamer, documents getting into the card game of… 405 more words

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