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Challenger Decks...SpartanNerd’s Thoughts

I have been trying to get some YouTube videos up about recent MTG things.  I recorded one but keep getting an error message on the attempt to upload.   699 more words


Analyzing Magic's New Challenger Decks

Last Friday, Wizards announced a new Magic the Gathering product, Challenger Decks.  The idea behind these pre-constructed decks is to bring in new players at a competitive level to participate in Friday Night Magic or other tournaments. 1,523 more words


Magic Wishes for 2018

A new job. A significant other. World peace. Happiness. Finally getting that piece of the Power 9. With the end of the year fast approaching, it’s time to cram some last-minute New Years wishes in. 534 more words


Magic: The Gathering Game Ends With A Guy Getting Bludgeoned With A Rubber Mallet And Stabbed

Smh. Gotta respect the game bro. I get it. Sometimes you spend hours putting in the time and thought process into building a deck. Gotta spread the right amount of mana and gotta get the mana curve right with your ratio of spells and creatures. 583 more words

Magic: The Gathering sticks it to their players

A couple of things about me so everyone can understand where I am coming from. I played Magic: The Gathering 20 some years ago. I am a single father. 785 more words

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