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Magic: The Gathering…of friends who are likely to murder each other?

When I was younger, and my little sister was…well…much younger, she used to collect and play with Yu Gi Oh cards (sorry for sharing that little tid-bit, sister!). 637 more words

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Magic Moments: Sultai Mill Revisited

One of the problems with the new Magic Origins set is there is so much good stuff I want to play with. I am really, really struggling to confine myself to 60 cards, and it’s even harder to put more than 20 lands in. 1,135 more words

Magic Moments: Naya Rally

My stepson takes over the controls this week for a guest blog on a combo deck he’s put together. Unlike me, he watches the Pro Tour and reads deck construction blogs, so it’s possible his advice will be better than mine! 1,105 more words

Review: Magic 2015 - Duels of the Planeswalkers


After 20-years, Magic: The Gathering has managed to stay fresh and relevant among countless other collectable card games in the genre. With millions of players slinging spells and summoning powerful creatures every Friday night at official events known as “Friday Night Magic,” it is no surprise that the growth of its popularity has been its iconic strategic gameplay, immersive deck-building experience and its emphasis on social interaction. 960 more words


Magic:The Gathering in-store events July 2015

Every Friday 6pm to 10pm   –  £3.00 entry   –   Refreshments available

3rd July 2015 – Modern

10th July 2015 – Standard

17th July 2015 – Modern… 39 more words

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Esoteric Controversy: MTG Pros fail to feel the magic

Ah, Magic the Gathering. A game that has exploded in popularity since its inception back in 1993. A trading card game with lore so deep it’s spawned novels. 585 more words

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Modern Masters 2015

I was really excited for this set before they even released half the set.  It was around the time they spoiled Sarkhan for Dragons of Tarkhir as well as the Battle for Zendikar and yet, Karn Liberated and Tarmogoyf reprints were all a lot of people talked about around here.  495 more words

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