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Friday Night Running 20th

Here are some photos from our running session on the 20th.
We had a Castle, 56xx, Panniers, Dean Goods, MR Kirtley, Royal Scot, Terrier and also the New Heljan Warships which are fantastic.

Friday Night's


Being Chinese/Oriental means I should be blessed with youthful beauty – fingers crossed this is true! When I go out with my mum and my sister, we ALWAYS get asked, ‘Are you three sisters?!’ My mum loses her cool and whilst I roll my eyes. 802 more words


The Problem with one night stands....

I seem to always get myself into the strangest situations. Adventures, as I like to call them. Little adventures that begin small and end triumphantly. Friday night was no different. 2,230 more words

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Friendships Reloaded

These days I feel a new sense of warmth and love about me. I feel safe, I feel kept and although I can find things in my life to be shaky about, I feel secured. 510 more words

Friday Nights

friday night musings

I wonder where I’m going to be in 5 years time? It seems so far away, but it isn’t. If I consider just how quickly time has passed in between now and graduation (or, going back even further, freshman year of college), 5 years is just around the corner. 53 more words