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This Day in Culture: 2/17/17

Real Time w/ Bill Maher

It’s Friday night so Bill Maher is doing the usual leading a crusade against all sorts of forces including religion and political correctness. 153 more words

Farzi Café – New Menu to try-out!

Whenever one talks about Farzi Café, the first thing that comes to the mind is why the name “Farzi”, since “Farzi” has so many connotations, most common of them all are illusion or Copy, but visit Farzi Café and you will realize that the place is nowhere close to being fake, but can be perfectly described for, “creating an illusion” with its cuisine, known for giving a complete gourmet experience. 991 more words


Friday Night 10th

Here are some photos from our Running session on Friday 10th.
Sorry there haven’t been more photos as I kept forgetting the camera.
We had a very GWR Night.

Friday Night's

Just Lights

Literally…just lights. Lol I ❤️LA



Are we going to die? Are we all going to die? But I’m scared. What if non of this ends when we do. What if it all starts over again. 119 more words