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Friday Night Running

Here are some photos from our Friday Night running on the 13th.
We had a very GWR theme going on.

Friday Night's

Day 104 - Fantasizing about futures

When long days become late nights, you know that blog writing isn’t going to happen anymore. After I came home last night (a.k.a. very early in the morning) from an evening with friends. 287 more words

January 2017

Friday Night Running 6th

Here are some photos from our running session on Friday 6th.
We had a great selection of locos covering all the regions.

Friday Night's

Neil's Recent Weathering

Here are some more photos of Neil’s recent weathering projects.
A kitbuilt Flying Scotsmann, Kitbuilt NE Box Van, Lionheart 64xx and unkown origin B1.

Friday Night's

Friday Nights

We are but tangled limbs amongst waves,

a coherent mess, but together nonetheless.

Your right hand burns desire into the small of my back,

the other is laced within the locks of my hair. 43 more words


Friday Night Running 23rd

Here are some photos from our Friday Night Running Session on the 23rd.
We had a Warship, Falcon, A1, Star, Double Single and many Dapol 08’s.

Friday Night's

Friday Night Running 16th

Here are some photos from our Friday Night running session on the 16th.
We had a Merchant, 14xx, 42xx, Hall and Others.

Friday Night's