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Trimble Rolls Waterford 69-0

The Trimble Tomcats (4-0, 3-0 TVC-Hocking) showed no mercy against the Waterford Wildcats (1-3, 1-2), dominating in every phase of the game and coming away with the 69-0 win. 314 more words


YYA: 7th August, Friday Night

It was great to fellowship and study God’s Word together yesterday night, and to see some people practising for Coffee Night! Remember, it’s this month, so invite your friends, prepare your presentations and do a test batch of your cooking so you won’t be panicking to plate something up just before the night like me last year =). 110 more words

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YYA: 31st July, Friday Night

Dear All,

We’re truly stuck into the second half of Revelation and most uni students start this week too. Have fun! This week we’re doing Revelation 13, come have fellowship with fellow brothers and sisters and learn more about Jesus and our secure hope in Him! 61 more words

Youth Group

An "Exciting" Friday Night!

After last week’s post about Friday nights, I wanted to give an update. This Friday night I spent a delightful evening eating pizza and doing crossword puzzles. 487 more words



It’s been a lazy Friday!  No more Fridates for me since the bf works until late evenings now.  I’m a homebuddy and rarely go out; so I guess Friday nights are now me-time! 115 more words

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Emoticon sù, emoticon giù...

Can you guess the twelve operas in question? – Crescendo writer Axel Brüggemann posted this operatic dozen to the classical music zine’s FB page – knock yourself out, White Shirts (well there is but one White Shirt candidate in the mix, but still, I could queer up some of the others) and opera buffs! 97 more words


Friday Night Running

Here are some photos from our Friday Night running session.

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