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Just A Cat In A Box On A Friday

There are some people (I happen to be one of them) who think there is no such thing as too many cat pictures. If you are one of those people then perhaps you might also think there is no such thing as too many pictures of cats in boxes. 110 more words


Friday photo - which cone?

It takes around an hour for me to drive to work in Nottingham and with my body getting older and creakier I go for a brief walk on arrival to ease the stiffness. 105 more words

An Odd Perspective

For a while we had this spider plant on our entertainment center. You might be able to tell that it was not entirely happy. I think it wasn’t getting enough direct sun light. 138 more words

Friday Photo

Saturday Snap

Busy with this job yesterday so didn’t get a chance to do my Friday Photo! !!

Friday Photo

Peacock Bird Bath

Oh, I saw this on Facebook, I think. It was from that animal rescue site where your purchases help feed animals. I thought it was so pretty so we got it. 92 more words


Friday photo - carrying on the story

I have written this yesterday believing that I will need more time to reflect on wherever we are this morning before commenting on that. This is a picture from Sunday where people were picking up the stones we had used throughout Lent and Easter and taking them out into the community. 62 more words