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Pushing the calico scarf off my head, I felt the greasy slick of my short hair. It had grown since leaving Mrs. Wentworth’s, but was nowhere near being an acceptable length, especially for a whore.

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Being persistent and positive is the key to succeeding in anything. To always believe in yourself, even when it feels others don’t, is hard but is the key to staying focused on your goals. 17 more words


Feel Good Friday Quote #5

Something to remember and think over when you are on the verge of quitting/giving up on your passion/goal.

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Feel Good Friday Quote #4

If everything in this World were positive, there would be no thorns on a rose, no mistakes, no failures, no calamities, no wars, no enemies and no death. 212 more words


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You may be wondering why I am posting a Blog titled Friday Quote on a Saturday (or maybe even a Sunday, in some parts of the World). 252 more words