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So… reading. Well, this week has been a peculiar one. Between researching a subject for my potential PhD (which seems to be turning into a Master’s – just to improve my chances of actually completing a PhD if and when I want to) and my morning reading, I’ve ended up with a strange mix. 1,081 more words


friday roundup: hidebound opinions, 'those beautiful names of horses,' & 'the ax that breaks this lock'

Perhaps the only remotely good thing about a poet dying is that we are sent sharply back to her words. And isn’t it true that the words of poets become more weighty after their deaths, because we know there will be no more from them? 721 more words

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friday not-a-roundup: becalmed edition with the word brush

becalm v.  leave (a sailing vessel) unable to move through lack of wind. From be- a word-forming element with a wide range of meanings, and  253 more words

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friday roundup: new year edition

Hi Reader, and happy new year. We are back from a wonderful trip to Michigan to visit family. There were cousins! There were all sorts of Christmas cookies! 911 more words

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friday roundup with Ishmael, stress, and "Song After Sadness"

Hello and happy Friday. Known also as the last day the children will be in school until January 6th. So yes, I’m at my desk trying to get as much bang for my buck as I can, while I can. 393 more words

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friday roundup: "or none, or few" edition

Hello Reader. I’ve thrown the calendar to the wind lately… or perhaps it has thrown me to the wind. Either way, I’m just showing up here when I feel like I can. 799 more words

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Post 122: Weekend Windfall

Happy Friday, you mad party hardy folks! If you live near Freedom, NH, you might want to swing by this Sparky’s place and pick up some supplies. 114 more words