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A Revolutionary Idea (+Mini Book Review +BONUS! Kittens!)

I’ve been thinking recently about the state of our novel selection in book stores and libraries and the like. And, as I assume you know based on my usual content on this blog, what I’m most interested in is finding ways to improve the books out there so they’re more original and interesting. 1,327 more words

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Parent loses term-time holiday legal challenge – Friday 7 April 2017

This week I report on the parent from the Isle of Wight who’s lost his case in the Supreme Court allowing him to take his child on holiday during term-time, new rules requiring schools with more than 250 workers to publish their gender pay gap statistics have come into force and the DfE has published a form that new Chairs of Trustees of academies, free schools and independent schools must complete in conjunction with their DBS application. 395 more words

Friday Updates

Short Story Strain (+Mini Reviews + Bonus! Cat Pics)

If any of you wonderful, loyal readers have explored my authors’s site, or read TMC’s last post at the very least, you know I write weekly short stories. 1,240 more words

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Consultation proposing the end of KS1 SATs – Friday 31 March 2017

This week I report on the start of a consultation on reforms to the Primary Assessment system including the recommendations from the Rochford Review,  the Education Secretary has clarified the new GCSE 9 to 1 grading system and the findings from a consultation on peer support and children’s and young people’s mental health was published. 505 more words

Friday Updates

New Behaviour Review published – Friday 24 March 2017

This week I highlight the newly published review of behaviour in schools, guidance on eligibility criteria for 30 hours childcare and research on the current provision and operational practice of work experience and work-related activities at schools and colleges in England. 193 more words

Friday Updates

New report on consequences of proposed national funding formula – Friday 17 March 2017

This week I report on the growing pressure on Government to scrap the proposed national funding formula, the launch of a new consultation on revised School Exclusion guidance and publication of new guidance on the Apprenticeships Levy. 536 more words

Friday Updates

A Pre-Published Author's Site (+ Mini Drama Reviews)

Creating my author’s website took some thought. Published authors generally center their website on their published works, but of course I’m not published yet, so the question was… 1,088 more words

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