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January Friday Tastings

The best wine tastings in town, every Friday in the 6-9pm window.
I do these every week because tasting is really the only way to learn about wine. 27 more words



This cartoonist was convinced that Donald J Trump had no chance to be more than runner-up in the contest to become President, which prompted this cartoon. 35 more words


The best John Lewis Black Friday deals 2016

The best John Lewis Black Friday deals 2016 John Lewis doesn t particularly like Black Friday. It would rather not have to discount products it would be selling anyway in the run up to Christmas. 41 more words

After Tillerson’s Talk About South China Sea, Beijing Threatens ‘War’

Beijing on Friday—the 13th no less—threatened the United States with “large-scale war.”

“Prepare for a military clash” said the Global Times in an editorial.

Beijing was hitting back hard against remarks made by Rex Tillerson, Donald Trump’s pick for secretary of State, in his confirmation hearing. 1,049 more words


HTC starts its Black Friday sale early with deep discounts

#HTC #BlackFriday  HTC starts its Black Friday sale early with deep discounts  Black Friday is a few weeks away, but HTC is kicking off the holiday shopping season early with massive discounts on its most popular smartphones, fitness products, the HTC RE and all of its accessories. 29 more words

Day 013: My SELP Community

My SELP Community. Holy shit has my life and mindset changed over the last 4 months being in this program! I couldn’t be any happier with the connections I made and my amazing coach, Josh, who put up with all my bs and whining. 35 more words


Day 006: The night before leaving Marlton going back to Colorado for a long time

I’m writing this after finishing the appreciation. If you’re anything like me and you feel awkward for other people then I suggest that you do not read this, unless of course you’re okay with feeling awkward or uncomfortable (which actually an incredibly powerful place to come from) then by all means, read it. 441 more words