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Answer to Friday's Angle #20

How did you do yesterday??

If you guessed a straw, you got it!! 😉

See you again next week! (Or on Monday, if you follow the blog! 😉)


God, Righteousness, and the U. S. of A.

“Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.” Proverbs 14:34 (KJV)

I am breaking away; for today; from our daily reading post, and posting a verse which tells us what exalts a nation. 

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Flashback Friday: 1 

It’s always nice to look back on the greatest times in life and just appreciate all the incredible people and experiences that have influenced you along the way. 113 more words

♦ Freebie Friday! ♦ June 20 – July 3 2015

Hey Everyone!

Happy Freebie Friday!! I was MIA last week but for good reason, I had Family who came down from Canada visit me for a few days so I wanted to spend as much time as I could with them but I’m back with 2 weeks worth of Freebies and Samples! 268 more words

Freebies & Samples

Fiction Friday: A Single Sentence

She knew it was a lie, but they stepped out into the sunlight together anyways, into the harsh brightness, the unforgiving glare that spun above and watched her all day long, and she didn’t tell him anything, not with the cracked words in the middle of the night, not with a frilled laugh in the daytime, not into his ear while they danced in the poisonous sunlight, the sunlight that never shone to his blinded eyes, that never revealed more than her voice did, that burned his skin without his notice while she danced with him and their shoes got dusty on the sunbaked, solid ground, while it reminded her with every scorching ray that they had lied, that he would never see the truth, that she could never correct this to his failing vision. 48 more words