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Flash Friday 02/12/2016: Making Magic

Agatha’s Home for Lonely Children wasn’t really a home, per-se. It was originally made to be a home for children of all different worlds and dimensions to stay, should they find themselves with nobody to turn to. 1,006 more words

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Someone had won at cards it seemed; a boisterous laughter erupted from the next hall, brightly lighted and dimmed by cigarette smoke and alcohol fumes. I wasn’t any good at poker, the cards always mere pieces of paper in my unpolished/unskilled hand. 970 more words

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Friday Flash – Devil’s Butterfly – part 48

Efren woke up with bright sunlight shining through rib curtains and piercing through his eyelids. First there was quiet peeping sound, but after holding his breath for a long moment, he realized it wasn’t coming from his bed side. 1,010 more words

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Flash Friday 25/11/2016: Went Off Without a Witch

The knock on the wooden door was quick and sharp. It caused Sarah to startle from the sound alone. Whoever wanted in, wanted in now… 1,023 more words

Flash Friday

Friday Flash – Devil’s Butterfly – part 47

Why couldn’t the pair understand he could hear them clearly? They were so distracting it hurt his mind… He huffed with desperation before the confusing thought caught him that he wouldn’t have to sigh or pant as they wouldn’t hear it at all anyway. 1,003 more words

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Flash Friday 18/11/2016: Old Age Inventioner

Margaret leant on the guard rail overlooking her underground lair, the floor of which teemed with scientists, soldiers, and the half-build chassis of a death ray. 1,029 more words

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Friday Flash – Devil’s Butterfly – part 46

He breathed in the mix of the intoxicating scents rising from the altar in smoke.

Efren froze. Every muscle in his body stiffened in one quick move and he felt himself fall down like a log. 1,004 more words

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