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After numerous attempts I still have no idea how exactly to flow a sestina poem but that said here is one with all its flaws… 621 more words

Short Fiction Stories

Flash Friday 15/07/2016: Swords of Wisdom

Frederick was beginning to notice a worrying trend. No matter where in the castle he was, no matter what room he entered, every time he held his torch out to the darkness to see what was within, he found monsters. 1,005 more words

Flash Friday

Flash Friday 08/07/2016: Changing Room

Judy, Sally and Jack were sitting around a kitchen table, looking at their hands of cards. On the wall, a calendar had its days X’d out. 915 more words

Flash Friday

Flash Friday 01/07/2016: Singing in Disdain

This story was inspired by this tweet, which became the basis and inspiration of this Friday Flash. While the original tweet states the photo’s location as Finland, this story doesn’t necessarily have to feature there! 1,074 more words

Flash Friday

Flash Friday 24/06/2016: A Change of Scheme-ery

John Bath had been trained for scenarios like these. When caught in a troublesome situation with nothing but their bare fists, a spy is not expected to put their hands in the air and mumble surrender, even if the enemy have rifles. 1,004 more words

Flash Friday

Flash Friday 17/06/2016: Move Ogre

Daniel plucked at the taut rope, checking its tension. Once satisfied, he gave a nod to himself, stood up, and darted to a bush nearby, peering over the top alongside his friend Patrick. 907 more words

Flash Friday

Flash Friday 10/06/2016: Dropping In

With the flying cars, bustling streets, and giant headquarters for the megacorporations that ran the city, it was easy to assume that New Los Angeles was a perfect city as they come. 1,017 more words

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