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Friday Flash - Risk

Twelve numbered envelopes spread out before me. In each a reward or a punishment that he asked me to choose from the list he compiled. 167 more words

Erotic Stories

Friday Flash: Sharpley's Dog

She barked through the night, every night. While my parents cussed under their breaths and tried to cover their ears with the pillows I lay awake each night listening to the constant staccato sound of Mr. 806 more words



You lie upon your back, gazing at a thousand pinpoints scattered like crystalline dust across the night.

They shimmer and shiver as if from their own chilly glow. 68 more words


Flash Friday 17/04/2015: Wrong Calling

The Elteki tribe did not know what it felt like to summon a god until today.

A shrine, set out with elaborate paints and gems around a sacrificial altar, looked like child’s play against the Avatar of Kelduush. 924 more words

Flash Friday


D. Paul Angel
19 Words

I try and blow my nose to get it out, but the spider’s legs keep pushing the tissue away.


Friday Flash: Baby

When she came this close Craig could smell the perfume, tickling and teasing at his senses with promise. He slotted his key in the lock and opened the door, cracking it to check for his family. 542 more words



My toes grip the precipice. I am a beetle upon the tip of a sword. Perhaps if I stood a little taller I could touch the sky. 103 more words