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A stream of daffodils, Part Two

A bad thing, he had breathed out with a quiver and ran footsteps quick on the leafless floor. I stood with my fingers knotted behind my back, wishing there were no monsters in this forest which took a liking to lost girls. 1,082 more words

Short Fiction Stories

Her Preferred Choice

Her Preferred Choice
by Kilted Wookie for Friday Flash

She stood there, an array of implements laid out before her from which to choose. She pondered each one. 215 more words



“Are you done yet? It took you long enough already!” he skipped closer to me and┬ácuriously tilted his head.
“Almost. Just that little circle right in the middle, see? 294 more words


Flash Friday 22/05/2015: Saturday Mourning

The Hero Squad burst into the evil genius’s lair, each of them donned in a full body suit corresponding to a colour; red, blue, yellow and green. 1,020 more words

Flash Friday

Heiss & Burg's Coffee Roasting Co.

Heiss & Burg’s Coffee Roasting Co.
D. Paul Angel
999 Words

Crossroads have always been steeped in superstition. After all, they’re the intersection of potential destinies. 1,020 more words


Wind Rider

At the base of a dune, two children cowered in the scant shade of a black reaper cactus. The little girl’s tears turned the sand to mud as her brother attempted to remove hundreds of spines from her side and back. 588 more words



D. Paul Angel
868 Words

Claire walked up to Bruce as he was pouring himself a cup of coffee.

“Have you lost weight, Bruce?” she asked, looking him over as she grabbed some coffee for herself. 865 more words