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Friday Flash: Makeup

I’ve neglected Friday Flash a little bit this month – NaNoWriMo has taken it’s toll on my writing! However, FF returns today with a short story that I wrote for one of my PGCE assignments, for a Year 7 class. 546 more words

Flash Friday

Friday Flash..!

Hello everybody..!

The theme for this week’s Friday Flash is ‘Plains of India’..!

Bad photography, as these were shot from the car. Hope you liked the pictures..!


Deek :) :D


Flash Friday 20/11/2015: Falter Ego

“Let’s see here…” Mary typed on the computer on her desk. “Job recommendation services, four-thirty…yes, here you are. Jack Garland.”

“Yep,” the well-built Jack beamed from the other side of the desk. 1,012 more words

Flash Friday

Peri: Episode II

Here’s a link to Episode I.

The room was painted a light green-blue, the color a person’s face turns when they suffocate. The handcuffs had been removed, but Peri still felt like a prisoner. 1,595 more words



by Kilted Wookie

He held her close. Breathing in her scent as his hands reacquainted themselves with her body. She pressed against him; her skin soft and smooth under his hand. 468 more words

Sexually Explicit

Flash Friday 13/11/2015: Renting Space

Tony was expecting the postman when he opened the door; he didn’t expect the two blue-skinned, scaly, clothed humanoids standing there, beaming him a cheerful smile and waving. 1,026 more words

Flash Friday

Reflections in a Frame

I remember when this frame was new, shiny, silver plated. It had pride of place on the fireplace. My mother would take it down and polish off the nicotine and dust at least once a week. 742 more words

Short Story