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Flash Friday 12/02/2016: Love Hurts

Athina the Necromancer Queen admired her undead army from her throne of skulls, its ranks in total silence. She liked her armies dead silent just as much as she liked them dead. 995 more words

Flash Friday

Silent sentinels

Horses gallop across a field, their riders in red trumpeting and hooting, jumping over aeons old dry-stone walls and churning the ground to mud. Ranks of men, women and children line up against a wall. 100 more words

Short Story

Flash Friday 05/02/2016: Spelling Test

“Good afternoon.” Officer Chambers tipped his hat toward the receptionist with the only hand that was free. The other was keeping a hold on Snouter’s leash; if the bloodhound caught scent of anything suspicious outside the station — a passing orc, a spell being cast, even if someone smelt… 1,008 more words

Flash Friday

Flash Friday 29/01/2015: World Trip

The large oval mirror in the corner of the dusty study began to glow a brilliant light blue. The glass bent in on itself, forming a tunnel as if someone had pulled the plug out of the middle of it. 1,004 more words

Flash Friday

Baby I Call Hell

“Babe, could you please check outside?”

Beck sighed as he picked up the two cups of tea and carried them back to the small table in front of the couch. 914 more words

Short Fiction Stories

Flash Friday 22/01/2016: Love Is Dead

“Listen, sweetheart.” Dave caught hold of Amy’s arm as she stormed towards the front door. “You’ve always said you’ve wanted me to change, right?”

“Yes,” Amy said, whipping her arm out of his grip. 946 more words

Flash Friday

Flash Friday 15/01/2016: Probing For Information

Samson didn’t know he was bound to a table until he tried to move his arms. As he peered as his bindings, however, he began to realise that what he was strapped to was very futuristic, to the point of being inhuman. 1,019 more words

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