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Draugur's Tale (Part I)

Draugur’s Tale (Part I)
D. Paul Angel
387 Words

My stepson is on a bit of a Dungeons & Dragons kick, and is wanting to take us through a Dungeon soon. 439 more words


The Federal Man

Tom was pulled out of his dream, grabbed by the scruff and yanked painfully back into consciousness. He groaned, rolling over in bed toward the angry, harsh wasp noise of his phone’s buzzer ringing. 1,013 more words


Among the Pines

The long day brought him at last to a river. Remnants of daylight filtered through the pine boughs. He sat on a fallen log, possessing neither bottle to refill nor pillow to lie upon. 76 more words


Flash Friday 03/07/2015: Bizarre Car

The sign read ‘MOTORISTS: Thieves Operate In This Area!’. This caused the tall and lanky Smiffy to spit on the floor.

“Bastards,” he muttered. “Going around, putting up signs, making our job harder. 988 more words

Flash Friday

The Puppy- Friday Flash

Warning: Due to disturbing content, reader discretion is advised.

The Puppy

By Melissa L. Webb

More than anything the girl wanted a puppy. She’d listen to her friends talk about their dogs or watch people taking theirs for a walk, and think, some day that will be me. 744 more words

Melissa L. Webb


A hilly, unbroken plain rolls out to meet the horizon. The wind blows unceasing here; there are no trees to discourage it. Waist-high grass whips and bows beneath the barrage, lapping like waves of a yellow ocean. 77 more words


Flash Friday 26/06/2015: Inside Job

This story is one of the ‘branches’ that originates from the story Crime Doesn’t Pay. It explores one of the paths that Alastair could have taken after leaving his friends. 1,083 more words

Flash Friday