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He was a high roller who had enjoyed the good times, to be sure.

From the word go he had  some outrageous good fortune: an annuity matured; a bank error in his favour. 160 more words


Ink Stains- Friday Flash


By Melissa L. Webb

She opened the worn leather book , its over-sized pages cracking with age.  She sneezed as the movement stirred the dust clinging to it as she turned to the last page. 344 more words

Melissa L. Webb

Friday Flash!

Hello everybody!

Today is Friday… Which means, it is time for Friday Flash!

This week’s theme is ‘My mother’s garden’

Hope you liked it! Come back next week for more!


Deek :) :D


Empty Space

Funny how we talk about the universe as being something when it’s full of nothing.

It’s like that YouTube video where a teacher fills a jar with golf balls. 133 more words


Like a moth to the flame

The candle guttered as the breeze from the open window blew across the flame. The room was otherwise dark and silent, Charlie and Evie long having run out of conversation and retreated to their own thoughts. 637 more words

Short Story

Flash Friday 28/08/2015: Axing The Questions

As a master thief, I’m used to being put into dangerous situations. Nothing really tops having your head on an executioner’s block, though.

I always thought that when — no, back then it was definitely… 1,016 more words

Flash Friday

Life is a dream

Where…where’s the dawn?

I’m not afraid. But why am I alone?

They’ve tied me to the bed again.  A bed of steel in the crops, with no room, with no walls. 235 more words

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